The Week in Review – 9.14.13


Another picture from the Hillsboro Library

You’re probably like, Umm….really?  She’s kind of fixated on that library.  Guilty.  But I’m serious – it was one of my favorite places.  It was a nice new facility with oodles of books, videos and study space.  The “backyard” was wonderfully landscaped and it was a great spot for me to read or exercise if I didn’t want to stay in/around my apartment.  Yes, it’s a little nerdy – but I’m not fighting the nerd-like tendencies.  I need to save my energy for other stuff these days.  I like to read, and my writing style was largely influenced by the fact that I loved to read as a child.  My bottom line defense for why I think about the library so often, though, is that I was happy there.

Now I’m contemplating the bookshelves in my room and am plotting to clear them out, book by book, shelf by shelf.  Thank God that I am physically able to read.  It has gotten easier since VT (thanks, everyone!), but if my eyes stay like this forever I will never have the same relationship with books that I used to.  I am firmly in the “listening” camp now, which is rather unfortunate since I am a visual, not auditory learner.  Anyway, I’m ready to get rid of my books and bookcases. It’s just going to take a while bc I want to do as much as I can by myself and I’m kind of impaired presently.  But I have to start thinking of the things in storage that are coming home.

There are basically 3 things, besides my shoes and handbags, that I’d really like to see again:  1) my piano, 2) the tiny secretary (desk) Aunty Sila gave me – I used to keep my jewelry in it 3) my green dragonfly chair/ottoman.  Mom and Dad got me that chair in the Summer of ’08 when I was interning in OR and living with L.  They went to NC to look at furniture and they got me a special birthday present.  If I get rid of my bookcase it will fit in the corner of my room nicely.  But that’s assuming that it’s made it through the past 2+ years undamaged.  We did not anticipate leaving my things in storage for so long – I don’t know that anyone (besides me) imagined me getting all better, moving into my apartment again and picking up where I left off, but I think Mom and Dad were just focused on getting my stuff moved and packed away so they could take me home.  My chair was wrapped in plastic, and I hope the upholstery is okay, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it isn’t.  I’m just bracing myself for the moment when we open that garage and see the state everything’s in.  When I go and see it, I’ll tell you whether or not the chair’s okay.


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