357. Thank You

Click to watch my "Thank You" :)

Click to watch my “Thank You” 🙂

I said yesterday that there’s a lot to be said about going to Oregon but I can’t say it yet.  You’ll have to take my word on it – there is so much to say I’m not going to right now, but there are a few things that I will.  First up:  Thank you to the friends who made this trip as logistically easy as humanly possible.  I made you a video!  Click the image above to watch it on YouTube – 2.30; piano medley: ‘Tis So Sweet, I Stand Amazed, and In the Garden.  I wanted to record my next song/medley on my fabulous digital piano I retrieved from my garage in OR but I am not at home right now so I did my usual voice memo routine using Ai Ai and Timmy’s piano.  🙂

50.  A Cup of Water

50. A Cup of Water

I looked longingly out of my window in the direction of DnA’s apartment (we stayed in the same neighborhood) and the week was packed full of medical and social reunions.  One of the only times I really cried was when I saw L.  A while ago I sent a “save the date email” for my Intel “Hello” Party to my manager to circulate, and within 20 minutes the email had made it from Oregon, to Texas, to California, where L resides and she immediately messaged me and said she was flying up to Oregon to see me.  (Side note:  thank you so much to my Intel friends who were able to come out to the Hello Party, especially since it was Close Week!)  When she got out of the car it was like no time had passed – I was so happy to see her!  She helped us sort through my storage garage at my old apartment complex.  As soon as she arrived she aligned herself with Mommy and they both ordered me to stop poking around and just sit in Red (my wheelchair) and they’d bring boxes to me.

Overall, Mommy said I held it together quite well.  There was plenty of choking up, but I got most of the ugly crying out of me before we flew West.  The only time when I was really going to lose it, but held on tight, was when I saw the guys from my Oregon church in their trucks ready to haul away my stuff as we prepared to empty out my garage for good.

Gathering manpower was as simple as sending one email for me.  Good thing, bc I can’t do much else.  I sent that one request for help, and they were coordinated and mobilized into action at the appropriate time.  Tanpo acted as the point of contact on our side(I avoid talking on the phone bc of the speech/hearing issues) so it was great bc I just had to show up.  Not really, actually – I didn’t truly need to be there.  I was more ornamental than not.  It was like when I first moved to OR, and when I got sick.  This was another example of the body of Christ functioning in top form.

There are so many other kind things people did for me in order to make our trip a success.  My heart is too full to say any more about it.  So I’ll just say, Thank you.  ❤

207.  You're Among Friends Here

207. You’re Among Friends Here


4 thoughts on “357. Thank You

  1. Ning, that video is beautiful and made me weepy. Good thing Little One watched it with me and giggled through it (maybe she’ll play the piano too?). I think she especially loved Ed.

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