Kindness from Little Ones

My sweet niece and nephew chose this plant for me. 💗 kindness from little ones just…Sniff Sniff 💗. We just finished OT and are waiting for PT to arrive. It’s been a nice day at home although a busy one. We are all rather tired. I’m trying to hold on for another couple months before I can start rehabbing my L hip for real. I’ve done quite well for the last 6 months, but I’m showing signs of compensation-induced wear. Thank you for your prayers! Thanks!! #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace 

Bossy Smurf Rides Again

We’ve had a good week – the home care RN, PT, and OT who saw Daddy prior to the Gall Bladder hospitalization have rejoined us. We continue to quietly do our duty – but my favorite part is just keeping Daddy company and sitting with Mommy. In the middle of the night I woke and asked Alexa to play Schubert’s Trout Quintet – it’s going to be the soundtrack of our OT (@jnelliott 😳) exercises (I have a couple Daddy playlists) – I’m going for ROM as well as the metronome effect. Man alive, my left hand got SO TIRED! ROTFLOL. Please continue to pray for Daddy’s health and strength (he’s got more pain today and we’ve got a lot of follow up to do), Mommy ❤ , too, and for me – my legs are acting up. But David gave me the Best Walking Pep Talk Ever, Randy worked on my ankle and caught me a few times, and now I’m distracting myself with work – please note the Bossy Smurf glasses – I’m working on something for Matt @hopeforhankey . Yes, I talk to him in PPT. He cracks me up digitally. We have a good system. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

Next Steps

Daddy is recovering from his week in the hospital and I’m so pleased to have him and Mommy home. He will have the drainage bag for the foreseeable future. Daddy must visit the Neurologist and the Interventional

Radiologist to seek clearance to have his gall bladder removed. He will see his surgeon again in 1 month. Please pray for healing and restoration and that even while he prepares for another procedure, he will recover from the June procedure that was…complicated. We thank the Lord for His overruling and especially that Daddy has gained strength and stability in his legs even over the last week. Please pray for Mommy and me, too!! Thanks. PS. These pretty flowers came from my 🇬🇧Aunty for her big brother 💗.  

We are supposed to be doing things together at home 😑

Daddy has not walked since the procedure and was unable to keep any food down today although it was only a little clear liquid. The past few weeks of pain at home really weakened him. Please pray he gains strength and health rapidly so he can come home ASAP and we can resume our Recovery Activities. Please also pray for Mommy. 💗 thanks! 

Update: Daddy’s GB | The Valley of Baca 

The scriptures tell me that the Pilgrim Mindset is a blessed one – when I feel less than thrilled about this path I remember that it assumes travel between positions of strength that often requires passing through the Valley of Baca (Tears/Weeping). But grace collects our tears and the rain,  and transforms them into wells of hydration that nourish the parched landscape. ||

Daddy will be transferred to the hospital. They have waited all day for a bed to open up. Please pray the transfer goes well and for patience, comfort and complete healing for him – the procedure to drain the GB will occur tomorrow. Please also pray for strength for Mommy. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace #brainaneurysm #gallbladder