The Day I Walked… and MBS

Today is my 11th anniversary of walking. I cried buckets in secret leading up to it bc I was TERRIFIED. Andy Frankenstein had been preparing me for the day he’d make me walk outside the parallel bars and without holding his hand. 😑 To be clear: I practiced unsanctioned walking when Andy/Mommy weren’t looking, and it was thrilling. But the idea of actually walking in the prescribed manner more than 3 feet and without assistance was APPALLING. So Mommy Daddy took me in my wheelchair to see S, and I chose this ring. She said she’d keep it until I learned to walk and on the day Mommy called her she said, We have good news. And engraved 9.21.11 on the inside of the band 💗. I was still terrified, but highly motivated by jewelry to take my first steps. In the end, Mommy caught me crying in bed one morning when I had just worked it out with the Lord. || By His grace, He wanted me to *try* although I was scared. || I knew it was possible within the scope of my injury. I just didn’t want to cry in front of Andy Frankenstein 😑. So one night I took matters into my own hands (feet) and defined “walking” as 1 round around my kitchen without touching anything. Round 1: I fell. Round 2: Slowly and haltingly, I MADE IT 😭💗🙏💗. And then I sat down to write to Dr. Dogan, who saved my life, and said, Now I’m going to learn how to run. || THANK YOU for praying for my Swallow Study MBS. I CRUSHED IT 🔥. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

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