Good Behavior 🦻

I got a CROS hearing aid! You wear 2 devices, and the Aid in my L routes sound to the R. I have mild hearing loss in the R so there’s a tiny bit of amplification. Trying a CROS is a required prior to candidacy for Cochlear Implantation, which will be the long term solution and was only approved by the FDA 2 years ago for SSD (Single sided Deafness). Thank you for praying for my attitude, guidance, and adjustment. I am much more open minded now, have been on my BEST BEHAVIOR and am doing my homework. MEANWHILE, we LOVE being with ERKEP and do not take this time for granted. πŸ˜‘πŸ’—πŸ˜‘They will drive to Michigan next week. They have been planning this move to be close to Ruth’s family for a while πŸ’—. PRAISE: β€œO” has made the Hardcore Gains I asked you to pray about. Trach is out and he walked with a walker. πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ’—. Please pray for timely discharge, continued Healing, and his caregivers πŸ’—.

Together Again πŸ’—

We are THRILLED to have ERKEP here!! πŸ’—. No, really, THRILLED. Boo Boo wisely pointed out to me a couple months ago that yeah, Tans have health crises, but we love being together for any reason!! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ™„. Please pray (1) Ernie’s blood will be πŸ‘. His PICC is out πŸ™Œ and his blood is being monitored. He just got tested today again 😊. (2) O & T had successful surgeries, PTL!! Please pray for a great recovery, especially that O will make HARDCORE GAINS in the hospital prior to discharge. (3) praise: Daddy just walked outside with Ernie and Ruth. THEY WALKED ON THE ROAD πŸ˜‘. Me: 😳 whoa.

🍌 split Prayer Req

Mommy needed a 🍌 yesterday so I ordered this. Thanks for letting me contribute to our household, Door Dash. Please pray!

(1) ERNIE: PICC removal on Friday. His blood will be checked 2 wks after. Please pray for STELLAR results (2) DADDY: doing a LOT of appointments and imaging. xoxoxo (3) ME: Guidance and provision for Hearing Solution – still gathering info and becoming more willing to pay $ and potentially get poked in the head, but I’d love it if insurance paid for that part (4) “O” and “T” – Surgery Friday. T’s is outpatient but harrowing 😳. O’s is MAJOR. Will require reconstruction and rehab, a trach, etc. and a 7-10 day inpatient stay. Please pray for success, their healing, and their Caregivers.

Summer with the Tan Family

ERNIE will be finishing his course of Antibiotics next week. He is doing well with his family. Please pray he tests well when he finishes the meds, that he will be strengthened daily, and grace for Ruth and the kids. | DADDY is getting new imaging and work ups for his next round of appointments. Please pray for him and Mommy πŸ’— | ANN/NING is getting her sea legs βš“οΈ AGAIN πŸ˜‘ and is still gathering info on the best course of action for her hearing, etc. | HUGS to all!! Thanks for praying for us. Ruth took this pic on Monday πŸ’—, and even though there is still drama, this is so much better than last summer. I’m just sayin’.

Wisdom 🦻

PTL ERKEP’s house sale closed today and Daddy’s okay! Please pray for wisdom for me. I saw Dr. C the Neuro Otol – the plan is (1) get a Crossover Hearing aid (a two-aid system) if this doesn’t help(2) Cochlear Implant. I need wisdom bc this will be another significant investment, and my situation might change. A Crossover assumes you can hear in one ear. I lost a little hearing in my R (“good”) ear Monday am, but it resolved within 36 hours – but this might be just the beginning of change. I have lost hearing unexpectedly in my L over 19 months, and a conventional aid is no longer helpful except for a tiny bit of awareness. The latest decline (a) March 2020: L Ear = Mod/Severe loss, Word Recog 32% (b) June 2020: L Ear = Profound loss, Word Recog 0%. This was accompanied by 19 mo. of major sensory disruption that left me with a torn L hip, compromised R wrist, and an overall loss in mobility and confidence. It is becoming increasingly apparent that I must take action to preserve, and God-willing, build, my quality of life. All of my other senses have been affected by TBI, so I cannot compensate for my Hearing Loss as others do – plus, I have PTSD, etc. which complicates matters. I have been receiving EXCELLENT medical counsel, but the choice is ultimately mine. These additional stressors are not helping my vocal cyst calm down – I’m still having trouble breathing and swallowing. I am not pleased at this turn of events, but I was on my BEST BEHAVIOR at the doc today and was open minded and did not sass him. I am confident that I will receive the guidance I am asking for – God gives wisdom when we ask – “liberally, and upbraideth not” James 1.5. And I say again: EVERY choice I have made, starting in 2011 when that thing exploded in my skull, to trust God when things don’t make sense and I don’t like what’s happening, has been, or is in the process of being validated. God is gracious and His particular care of me flouts human understanding. That said, this is still immensely difficult and I need MAJOR GRACE. But my assurance in the promises of God has been written in blood (not mine!) and sealed by the Holy Spirit. #shreddedgrace

Moving House/Quarantine Apathy πŸ¦»

Please pray (1) ERKEP moving house this weekend – for now they are staying local to ensure continuity of care. The kids are doing great, and so is Ernie, although tired. Ruth = πŸ’— fabulous as always. Please pray for energy and comfort. So thankful for Mom and Dad Bj’s help and the Uncles (R’s brothers)!!!! (2) ⭐️ Continued healing for

Ernie ⭐️ (3) Ann/Ning’s Drama: (a) Trouble breathing and swallowing due to aggravated vocal cyst. This has been monitored since 2011. My longsuffering ENT verified it’s ok, and surgery is purely elective. (I avoided it in 2013 by learning how to run and swallow my own spit instead πŸ™Œ, but I have not run since 11/18 due to gait and balance disruption.) I need improved swallowing and breathing. (b) L ear hearing loss confirmed today to be significantly worse than in February. I received STRONG DIRECTION to explore immediate intervention alternatives. But I have Quarantine Apathy and burned out on so many tests and appointments prior to lock down I kinda just want to sit here while EVERYONE KEEPS HIS/HER HANDS TO HI’SSELF. πŸ˜‘ But this might not be the right attitude πŸ˜‘ so please pray for an open mind and clear direction re. the best treatment, if any, and PTL for all the professionals who look after me even though I fuss. And thank the Lord for bringing us wonderful docs to look after Daddy and Ernie, too πŸ’—. Ps. Daddy is well – we had a nice walk tonight. πŸ’— Pic: Ruth reading P2 a story xxxooo

Changing up the Antibiotics

Please pray Ernie responds SUPER DUPER WELL to his new antibiotics, which will be changed up tomorrow. The current course has been kinda hard on his body, so we pray the infection continues to GO AWAY under this new change. || This pic was taken exactly 9 yrs ago – 6.23.11 – my first day as an outpatient. I got my baby that Skins outfit. xoxoxo Ernie met us at the baggage claim with E in his arms the night before, K was flitting around in a pink Tinkerbell nightdress, and Ruthie drove me home in the middle of HORRIBLE construction traffic on 495 in the middle of the night. The next morning my sweet niece (then 5 yrs. old) helped me put on my shoes and started my home OT exercise regimen – no joke. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ€£πŸ€£

A Healing Environment

Ruth is an aggressive juicer. 🀣🀣🀣 she’s my juicing hero. Her knife skills are πŸ’―. She stuffs ALL KINDS of produce in that machine. It routinely gets stuck. Unfazed, she fixes it, and proceeds until a giant quart jar of juice appears, and Ernie downs it in short order. I had the privilege of staying with them for several weeks over the past few years and have seen the lifestyle management efforts they have undertaken as a team and the positive impact on my brother’s health. Diet and exercise are crucial, but it is caregiving founded on Christ-driven love that fuels Recovery in the Tan Family. Giving and receiving care is difficult. There are so many things to keep track of. When I got out of the hospital Mommy used to make me pancakes every Friday just to make me smile. Daddy used to make me role-play my yearly disability interview (he’s a lawyer and loves that kind of thing) – but no one ever called me πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘. I think they understand now that this Disability thing is here to stay. Now as our situation has developed I’ve been trained to help physically in crisis, but take great joy in the everyday tasks of making tea, doing laundry, and telling Daddy jokes. It is these small routines – teatime, pancakes, a quart of fresh juice – that create stability and an environment of love and care in which we do our BEST healing. Ernie is getting stronger at home. So is Daddy. Please pray for their continued recovery and especially for Ruthie πŸ’— and Mommy πŸ’—. #shreddedgrace


Thank you for praying 🌑!! Ernie’s fever broke at 1am and he’s safe at home with his family. The Home Nurse has one more Teaching visit tomorrow and they (i.e. Ruthie πŸ’—) will know what to do. Please continue to pray for protection and healing and that Ernie’s PICC does its job well. And Thank the Lord again that my brother is H O M E πŸ’—πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯.