Please pray Daddy can come home 

Please pray that Daddy can come home ASAP. They are doing an ultrasound presently to confirm that he is not bleeding and pending the results he can be discharged 🙌. Thank you so much for your prayers – we truly appreciate your concern for our family. We are very grateful for the care he has received in the hospital but he has more fun at home bc I’m there to make sure he’s not bored 🤣🤣💗. || I took this pic of my necklace in the hallway after rigging up a chair with my cane and some tape. #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm #lifeismysport #shreddedgrace #avmsurvivor 

Daddy update Sat 6.29.29

Sorry I forgot to post this!

Daddy is feeling better today and has eaten a bit. Please pray for comfort and healing for him, and that he will not get any infections. He is still in the ICU, and infection is always a concern there. Thank you so much for all your kind messages 💗💗 #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm

Daddy update 💗

Daddy is still not allowed to move and is lying on an incline. A couple docs have seen him today and Dr. C will come later. I’m a big fan of the nurses, PA’s and docs who have been caring for him. The first thing he said to me was…I don’t remember. He wanted me to exercise his arm 🤣💗💗. Ernie is already here, and the rest of the family is en route. Mommy continues to be 👍🔥💗. Please pray for comfort and strength for Daddy, and that he will graduate soon to a less intensive level of care. Not sure what he remembers from yesterday, but I speak from experience – grappling with whatever you DO remember is complicated. We are so grateful for the Lord’s care and all of your love. #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm 

Daddy Update 💗

Daddy is doing better PTL. He received an emergency blood transfusion, extensive manual intervention, and was thoroughly imaged, etc. however, he will not be undergoing vascular surgery tonight. He is talking and stable but borderline due to the fact that the bleed can start again if not healed. The staff worked very hard to help Daddy through these complications. It was very serious. Although he is not having surgery presently, Daddy is being very closely monitored.
Please pray for courage for all of us and especially that Daddy will rest, heal, and feel the Good Shepherd’s leading moment by moment. My Daddy addressed the issue of fear with unflinching scriptural intensity for me in the Valley in 2011 and when Ernie had his 2nd heart surgery when he was 13. It is difficult not to be scared in a situation like this, but Daddy just threw it down bc he’s our father and he needed to show us what to do. Daddy sat by my bed and explained Psalm 23 to me as I woke up. Right before Ernie’s 2nd 💗 surgery Daddy read Psalm 91 aloud and as they wheeled Ernie down the hall to the OR Daddy shouted to the entire hospital, “It’s okay, Ernie, DON’T BE AFRAID!” 💗💗.   

I was only 5, and I will never forget that. #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm 

Urgent: Daddy xxxooo

Please pray that Daddy will stop bleeding internally and that his BP will stabilize (it’s currently too low). The aneurysms are untreatable due to blood vessel complications and the multiple blockages Daddy already has impeding blood flow in the brain. Dr. C was unable to “secure” either aneurysm, but we are grateful for her skilled care and decision – making. She was able to improve the blood flow on one side, and Lord willing in another month she will work on the other side. However at this moment Dr. C and others are intervening to address Daddy’s hematoma. They have to go through the neck to give him his meds. They will try to stop the bleed, and Daddy will need a blood transfusion. #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm

Pls Pray – Daddy’s Procedure Thursday June 27

Please pray for Daddy’s procedure on Thursday Jun 27. The angiogram in May was incomplete bc the landscape of Daddy’s blood flow is more complicated than anticipated, the catheter caused damage, and so they were unable to look at the 2nd aneurysm. Therefore, the goal of the procedure on Thursday is not diagnostic – best case scenario = Dr. C will place stents to address both brain aneurysms. He will be under general anesthesia and will stay at least one night in the hospital. Please pray that both aneurysms will be addressed successfully, and Daddy will recover quickly. 

Thank you for your prayers and support over all these years. The Lord is faithful and we are very grateful to be a part of the body of Christ.

 #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm 📸: Ernie last week – the Lord blesses us with a very special time together.

Ideals worth pursuing

Wearing pink (breast cancer) and teal (ovarian cancer) in support of precious friends who have faced really tough stuff lately. We have a ton of childhood history. Wearing these rings helps me remember to pray for them. || Strength and Honor are at the heart of womanhood at its best. At the heart of being human regardless of gender, actually. But I love that the scriptures emphasize these values when describing ideal womanhood in Proverbs 31 #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #learninghowtolive #lifeismysport #shreddedgrace #breastcancer #ovariancancer

Hold up…you mean WHAT?!?! (Intentionality in movement)

Prayer Req: After I saw my Neuro a month ago, my Mental Health Pros required immediate action, too. I’m grateful for a unified Team determined to help me. 😑 I’m paying the price physically and mentally for everything I’ve done since March. I knew there would be consequences but I had the present ability to do stuff and the right people in place to coach me through risk mitigation and do damage control later. Thank God that a month ago I chose a course of physical in home treatment that is really helping my back. Also, Sister Maria (David) gave me a therapeutic exercise regimen. Randy lectured me on intentionality of movement. I BELIEVE in visualization and rebuilding brain pathways by concentrating on firing certain muscles. David’s exercises relieved the pain, but I thought I was stuck with this weird knee grinding. I didn’t quite believe Randy, so I said, “Hold up. Are you telling me that I can influence the function of all that stuff in my knee by just THINKING about it?!?!” He said, if my diagnosis is correct, yes. This was accompanied by an anatomical explanation that I did not understand, but I nodded solemnly to convey agreement with his teachings. Granted, I have to remember a ton of other stuff about alignment that @fyz taught me. But it WORKED 😳. 🙌🔥 Please pray for (1) PAIN RELIEF as my knee, hips, and entire body continue to improve.

(2) WISDOM for future treatment decisions

(3) STAMINA – I have lost a ton due to improper breathing and inability to run since November. It has taken a huge toll. I have not been at church since March – except once. That one time I was sick afterwards. I have to build up again – I will start alternative cardio in July. This is how my mobility was won- starting with 50

strides on the elliptical. I built to 1000 and eventually learned to run. My quality of life is highly impacted by cardiovascular health. I can walk gently, but although I love walking w Daddy, it aggravates everything wrong with my gait. But PTL, we had a very nice walk this morning. We are on target for his next procedure – Jun 27. Thank you for your prayers.

P.s. I forgot to explain – I said this on Fb and Instagram but not here.  Sister Maria = Trainer David.  It’s like the Sound of Music – how do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?  But the real reason I call him that is bc we all know Julie Andrews’ destiny lies beyond the convent.  🤣🤣🤣

#avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace 

Cane progress 😑💗

I’m trying to get Daddy to use a cane. See the big 💗? He was unmoved 😑. He is more than able, PTL, in fact he is SO ABLE , he wishes to eschew an assistive device entirely. In the “Dad” pic, the cane is hanging on the hemi walker he dismissed airily as “useless.” I explained that PTB will have something to say about this. I was raised in an environment where progression is closely monitored and you must obtain permission to do things. In early days I was forbidden to walk and talk simultaneously and got in trouble with my OT for kitchen cruising without asking Andy Frankenstein. It continues today: Sister Maria explained, you must EARN the right to explore the next level of movement. “If you show me more stability in ABC, I will allow you to XYZ.” 😑. I will let PTB settle it on Thursday. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace #brainaneurysm #disabledpeopleproblems

Daddy – time to use a cane 😊

FYI, the irony of this situation is not lost on me.  🤣🤣😑😑💗💗
Daddy just got permission to use a single point cane in the house! 🙌🔥. In my world, there were 3 additional steps between a P walker and a SP cane. But Daddy is doing well despite all that weird blood flow stuff. We had a GREAT time at PT and OT just now. They are so kind there – this was the last place I Rehabbed before David got me kicked out 😑. Today, I was busy checking in so Daddy had to walk into his session alone. “Take good care of Daddy, OB!” I called over my shoulder. We got a ton of homework in OT. I gotta go find the Theraputty that Randy (yes, Randy, my ATC) gave me. I’m blue, Daddy is yellow. || T: these dexterity exercises are probably very mentally exhausting. Me: We’re okay with that – we are Tans. || Thank the Lord, he got a lot of exercise today, and we both did a lot of laughing. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace #brainaneurysm