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What Happened:  A short and direct summary is on the About page 

It’s Okay if the Answer’s “No.” | Happenstance | Everything is Completely Under Control

Why I Have Hope

Don’t You Care? | How to Get a Heart Transplant | How to Fight the Good Fight| How to Laugh when you really Feel Like Crying | ch. 10 – The Turning Point (sample from Learning How, Vol 1) | A Whole Other Way of Seeing Things

My Favorite Recipes – Usually grain free with no sugar added.

Flourless PB Muffins | Life Skills Lasagna | Roasted Carrot Soup | Simple Cashew Cream | Coconut Flour Banana Bread | Katie’s Red Velvet Brownies | PB2 Mug Cake | PB Zucchini Brownies | Stuffed Portabellas

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I ❤ RecoveryLand

How to Enjoy the Rehabilitation Process | Why I Choose Therapy |10 Tips for Learning How to Walk Again | I’m Not Doing That | Stronger | Pirate!

Skills from my Old Life:

Food For Thought :Launching a Business part 1 | How to Interview Well | Ed’s Career Advice | Hospital Visitation part 1

My Favorites from 1-99:

I’ve decided to start categorizing posts.  I am a very prolific producer of the written word so there are a lot of posts to sort through.  If you’re looking for a sampling, here are some of my favorites from posts 1-99.


RIO’s Therapeutic Garden (3rd Hospital)

 Business School
81.  Blue Pools of Serenity
87.  No Modeling in Public
80.  Prague
14.  The Class Cream puff
This wasn’t an accident
67.  Happenstance
  64.  Thoroughly Movie-Ready
  51.  “I see this very well…”
  60.  It’s okay if the answer is “No.”
  99.  Mirror Image
In the News
61.  American Folk Hero:  It’s Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed…and Gabby!
  24.  Experience
I didn’t know how nice people can be until I got sick. 
50.  A cup of water
9.  Can I hold your hand, please? (What’s your name?)
Things I learned from Therapy
36.  Eyes OPEN
  33.  Are you using your core?!
20.  Looking for the blank spaces
  11.  Wok Breath
  69.  Williamsburg
Things I learned in the Hospital
18.  Dad, tell me that thing again…
  10.  I got voted off the island.
  52.  Will you take care of me?

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