More Testing | Go Colts!

Thank you for the encouragement, @nickcross !! Itโ€™s been a hard few weeks. Many things have started malfunctioning in my body, but I had flattered myself that my kidneys and liver were ๐Ÿ‘. Now I have kidney stones and a weird bile duct. Iโ€™m being tested in the context of these and MANY more seemingly disparate symptoms. Next week 9.19-21: Sleep study, MSLT (daytime sleepiness), MBS (Modified Barium Swallow study). I have dysphagia (trouble swallowing). I put myself on a mechanical soft โ€”> almost puree diet months ago. note: cake goes down the hatch just fine bc the frosting pushes it down my esophagus. My kidney stones are large enough to merit intervention, but getting in to see a specialist is really hard. I have a doc booked for Oct 24. But praise God, my pain has been ok, although Iโ€™m still struggling with increased spasticity, muscle rigidity, and gait decline. And my ๐Ÿซs have been bothering me. But Iโ€™m ok! Emergency plans exist in case anything gets out of hand. Please pray for courage as I face more testing and thank the Lord for daily bread ๐Ÿ’—. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

Comments, anyone? Thanks for saying "hi" :) (Sorry I can't reply all the time, but when I do the reply appears only on this blog unless I remember to reply via email.)

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