135 x2. There’s no crying in baseball!

About a year ago Mommy came go get me one morning (I was still sleeping downstairs) and caught me crying in my bed.  Boo hoo hoo!!  😦 I had a full day of therapy ahead and I was dreading it.  This is why:

This is ~30s of one of my first attempts to walk post AVM + stroke.  The lack of self-awareness meant the absence of fear.  Basically, I thought E (1) was nice and I wanted to do anything she said.

The first time I saw my friend A after getting sick was on Labor Day 2011.  I asked Mom and Dad to take me to the GWH conference and I had prepared by clearing my intention to walk “the loop” at camp with my PT.  Although I got my PT’s green light, Mommy had other ideas.  There was also more traffic and bug activity on that very hot day, which I was not anticipating.  In the end, I jumped ship early, and Mom ended up pushing me a little on my rollator (Thanks, Mom!)

When I saw A I was sitting in The Chatterbox (the snack bar) with a lot of ice cream in front of me.  “Look  – there’s your friend!” my nephew pointed across the room and announced A’s arrival.  She parked herself on a bench next to mine and I immediately shared my most urgent prayer request:  “I don’t want to cry all over my PT,” I told her.

Babies have a lower center of gravity since they are small, and that helps them keep their balance.  That’s also why most gymnasts are of a diminutive stature.  At my height and with my brain condition, the possibility of falling and getting hurt when I was already quite impaired terrified me.  My stomach was in a permanent knot for a couple of months as I anticipated learning how to walk.

I did well to remember one of A and her sister’s favorite movie quotes:  “There’s no crying in baseball!”  That’s what Tom Hanks tells one of his players who’s having a little moment in A League of Their Own.  If you recall, this is the movie about the success of an all-women’s league during WWII – when many men were in the service, and women stepped up to the plate and preserved America’s favorite pastime.

The crushing anticipation almost did me in as I knew the time for me to walk was drawing closer.  I did my best to remember, though, that there’s no crying in baseball, and am happy to report that I never broke down during PT as I had anticipated.  I suppose I cried it all out beforehand.  And celebrating with my walking ring helped.

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4 thoughts on “135 x2. There’s no crying in baseball!

  1. I was just thinking about that movie quote yesterday! The best part is later, when she messes up , he doesn’t want to make her cry, but he’s so angry! So he just stands there, kinda shaking! Hilarious.

  2. Aha! You’ve given me a movie to look for at the Library next time I go! Sounds like a perfect choice for the diminution of my ironing pile !
    Mrs. B.

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