My BP is so fabulous 不不

Daddy just finished PT. I asked David – ish questions like, when he does X, what muscles should he think about, and where is the origin of the movement? And then I heard Randys voice in my head during hip exercises. Daddy got a green Theraband. Randy prefers manual resistance bc the assumption is that he has superb kinesthetic memory and he adjusts as we go along. We had our OT intake, grab bars will be installed tomorrow, and we are also pursuing follow ups with docs. PRAISE: Daddy is standing up stronger daily . So grateful for Mommy, Siblings, and friends and the opportunity to pursue Recovery. Hilariously, my blood pressure is the BEST it has ever been 不不. I am in the Green Zone. I am NEVER in the Green Zone. That thing never has anything nice to say to me except once last Christmas it gave me 10 points for trying. I.e. i measured and logged it. Siri, Alexa, My Fitness Pal, and my BP cuff patronize me. My BP wasnt even this good when my Vigilant PCP started meds 2x daily. I think its bc Daddy now has to sit there and let me hold his hand 不不不.  It also helps that I write books about this stuff, although for the record, I am APPALLED .  PRAYER: (1) Good rest, especially at night for Daddy, and therefore Mommy (2) Daily exercise (3) Logistics of docs, help, space changes, new routines. Thank you so much #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm #SERIOUSLYmyownfather

One thought on “My BP is so fabulous 不不

  1. “That thing never has anything nice to say to me…” bahahahaha. So strange how things work. Really, really happy to hear Papa Tan is doing better. HUGS.

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