408. Clarification

Let me explain this to you *one* more time.

Let me explain this to you *one* more time.

There was some confusion last week when I shared my TV show analogy about going to the Gym: if Trainer D and I were a TV show it would be called Bossy Smurf works out with Animal Muppet. It would be immensely compelling programming, FYI. But I think people were confused bc of the example I shared (the StairMaster incident) and my sentence structure. So just to be clear, Bossy Smurf = Me and Animal Muppet (Brainy Smurf in disguise, actually) = Trainer D.

I might be Animal Muppet if we were talking about Coach R, but he is not Bossy Smurf. I know he’s very accomplished and all, but it’s best to leave bossing to the pros. Trainer D must have picked it up from watching me. Mommy has dropped me off before and told me, “Don’t be too bossy,” as I go to Training. Yeah, I think we burned that bridge a long time ago.

I saw a new ophthalmologist and N2 last week. My new Eye Doc was super nice and really listened but an eye exam usually includes the obligatory dilating of the eyes so by the time I made it downstairs to the Neurology department I couldn’t see anything so I’m not sure how I managed to sign my name for my copay. Periodically I like to ask (new) doctors for clarification on their stance on things like pain management, surgical intervention, and dizziness medication. I have ideas on these subjects in my head but like to refresh them against professional opinions occasionally.

When the first anniversary of my injury passed I had high hopes that N1 could give me a pill that would magically make the dizziness go away. She explained that I’d pay for it in additional sleepiness. Already possessing an

117.  AVM Metrics

117. AVM Metrics

appallingly low qi I decided against the dizziness meds. N2 clarified the situation a step further. Apparently since I have a cerebellar disorder it’s going to heal via adaptation – so I need to actually feel some dizziness so my brain figures out to deal with it. (This is my layman’s terms summary).

122.  All Abord the Dizzy Train!

122. All Abord the Dizzy Train!

I thought that was fascinating. One day I asked Coach R if he felt that “gotta get your sea legs” moment after stepping off a treadmill. Yes, he opined, that’s normal.

That’s not why I was asking, I said. I don’t feel that anymore bc that’s how I feel all the time.

I can’t say that the sensation of dizziness has decreased since I moved from the 2nd to the 3rd Hospital in Oregon (May 2011) but I can say I’ve learned how to manage it. Well, I should hope so – it’s been 3 years! But what I’ve felt to be happening makes more sense in light of N2’s clarification.

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