409. How To Change Channels Mentally

Watching TV w Kpop on my first day home, 6.23.11.  I couldn't eat the popcorn in the cup so I just held it to keep her company.

Watching TV w Kpop on my first day home, 6.23.11. I couldn’t eat the popcorn in the cup so I just held it to keep her company.

There is a huge TV screen in front of the AlterG at The Running Gym. Actually, there are screens all over the place. I learn a lot about what’s going on in the world from my time there. Sadly, though, my sessions often intersect with a time when a certain show comes on that I don’t like. “R, will you please make that lady go away? She makes me nervous,” I’ll ask Coach R to change the channel for me.

Today a nice girl helped me and was zipping me in and messing with the remote. Coach R came over. “She really loves the [Talk] show,” he offered helpfully. Side note: thanks for forwarding my interests, Coach R. I default to watching sports since it’s pretty benign except for the time they were showing crashes from the Tour de France. “Do you know what channel ESPN is on?” my helper queried. “Do I know what channel ESPN is on,” Coach R echoed scornfully.

And then I happily enjoyed my solitude for half an hour. Fun times were had by all. By “all” I mean myself and Michael Phelps since there is an autographed Sports Illustrated cover parked in front of the Alter G and most of the time it’s often easier for me to train my eyes on the gold medals instead of the TV screen above. Coach R mostly gives me a wide perimeter and observes from a distance so it’s usually me and Michael time.

In the early days at RIO (3rd Hospital) I preferred to think everything was a dream instead of grappling with the idea that this bad thing had actually happened to me. One day at lunch I asked Mommy for permission to “change the channel” in my head (I posited that we were stuck in a really bad reality TV show). “I don’t understand,” poor Mommy said. “I don’t need you to understand, I just need you to say ‘yes’.” “Yes,” Mommy immediately said bc she is nice like that.

My attempt to mentally change channels failed but it’s still a useful analogy. I listened to a message by Chip Ingram yesterday and remembered how good he is at breaking things down so I can understand them. Re. how to face the future in times of doubt one of the steps he offered was to itemize the things God has done for you and then then this list will lend itself to meditating on the kind of Person God is to have planned and executed them. You’re moving from His acts ==> His ways.  Great tip, CI – Thanks!

268.  Prayer Detox for Beginners

268. Prayer Detox for Beginners

I have really enjoyed using my AlterG or home cardio time to Prayer Detox. But I’ve felt greater anxiety about the future lately and it really helped me to make a list of blessings and then think about the character of God based on that list. First on the list: meeting M at RIO. Seriously? WHAT was that about? As Timmy said when I told him she found me bc her neighbors are my friends from my OR church, “There’s a ‘small world’ and then there’s Ning’s world.” (Ann vs. Ning FAQ) Remember that note I wrote myself?

368.  Commiserating

368. Commiserating

…[He has] sown seeds for your encouragement along the way. As these seeds grow and come into bloom you’ll be surprised and delighted that the details of your New Life have been so carefully and lovingly planned. Remember to thank Him that you can trust Him with your happiness.

359.  Running With Myself

359. Running With Myself

Sometimes I forget. But I love that getting back on track is an attainable exercise that doesn’t wear out with use.

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2 thoughts on “409. How To Change Channels Mentally

  1. Amen… so thankful that “getting back on track” is always an option with the Lord.

    Pretty wild about the signed Michael Phelps cover!

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