425. It’s Official

Ed in the Lobby after we got kicked out of Rehab

Ed in the Lobby after we got kicked out of Rehab

It’s official – I got kicked out of Rehab last week. This is the first time I have truly been cut loose. Rehabilitation is the only thing I’ve known since I woke up in this situation. This is a big deal bc when I got transplanted to RecoveryLand my understanding was that As long as I’m in Therapy/Rehab I’ll be getting better. Well, I’m 3.5 years post-AVM and my formal Rehabilitation is over. That’s okay, though, bc I’ve spent the last year building the infrastructure for my long-term Recovery and recent bumps in the road have only made me more thankful that God brought me extremely skilled and caring people.

This did not deter me, however, from going to my appointment at The Gym directly after getting kicked out of Rehab and being mean to Trainer D. This was in violation of the fact that I had previously vowed to be nice to him bc I thought it was his birthday. Actually no, I didn’t say I’d be nice, I just said “I will not antagonize you…” but it turned out that I got the date wrong and now I have to not antagonize him for a lot longer than I originally thought. I did clarify, however, that accidents happen (Oooh, did I say that out loud? I hate it when that happens. My bad.), and that I have a brain injury. Also, let me remind you that I am not holding Trainer D responsible for this haphazardly. I know this is his doing bc of my retrospective sensitivity analysis. I used to do this for a living, people.

352.  Ed Says, "Well, that backfired, didn't it?"

352. Ed Says, “Well, that backfired, didn’t it?”

There was no sense of panic like when A6 discharged me from The Place. Back then I cried in private for the 2 months he prepped me for my exit, my blood pressure skyrocketed, and I practiced all this stuff I wasn’t supposed to do on my own hoping I could force me body to a higher level so I could continue PT.

69.  Williamsburg - Taliaferro-Cole Summer Garden by NH

69. Williamsburg – Taliaferro-Cole Summer Garden
by NH

Yeah, that didn’t go as planned. Dr. A6 Frankenstein kicked me out anyway on the understanding that I was supposed to go back for more when the time was right. Well, I’ve been a Physical Therapy patient at 3 other locations since then, and now I have 2 Gyms, too.   When my PT discharged me she said, I think you knew….

Why do you think Ed is here? I affirmed. He was lying on the treatment table bc he had come for moral support. We had seen K our ST in the waiting room a few minutes before.


Hi, Ed! She greeted him. Do you have a procedure today, Ann? (She only sees Ed when I have a procedure, e.g. when I have to go to the ENT.)

No, I said, Ed’s here bc we have a bad feeling about this. We’re probably getting kicked out today.

I was actually very encouraged bc my PT said that the change in me was 180 degrees since we met a year ago. I look and move differently – she even thinks my vision is better, too. Really? How? I asked. Well, you’re not running into things anymore. 🙂

She did, however, express some concern that I might be a little too intense (my word – her phrase was funnier) about Recovery. I was like, Oh no, see – I was totally like this BEFORE I got sick, too!

Doesn’t that make sense? I asked Coach R the next day. He agreed.

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One thought on “425. It’s Official

  1. Haha, I’m amused at how you said you were intense before 🙂
    Ps I noticed that my phone automatically takes -ed and capitalizes it to Ed 🙂

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