424. Counting

Math Lesson - Josh is sitting in the laundry basket bc it was convenient.

Math Lesson – Josh is sitting in the laundry basket bc it was convenient.

Counting has not been one of my strengths since my injury. I used to count out loud before transferring out of my wheelchair so Mommy would know when to brace. One day after I fell into bed (Hannah used to say, tiiiiimber!) Mommy said we should work on my counting.

I don’t count out loud anymore but now instead of counting time for transfers I count other things like reps, steps, and the number of floors if I’m trying to find my way in a building. It doesn’t help when other people miscount or intentionally mislead me. Examples:

Me to Trainer D: You’re doin’ real good on the counting thing today. [Grin] I like to give positive feedback when I can.

[2 minutes pass]

Me: I take it back. You’re doing bad. That was NOT 26. That was 31. I just did an extra to humor you.


Me: How many squats?

Coach R: 100

Me [holding the medicine ball nervously and looking wide-eyed at our reflection in the mirror]: Like, all at once?

Coach R: Just kidding.

Me: You can’t do that sort of thing to me. I have a brain injury. You KNOW I was going to start the set.

Coach R (unrepentantly): I know.



In the elevator on my way to see CMD

Me to the UPS guy: What floor?

UPS guy: 3

Me [peering confusedly at the buttons to make sure I was seeing straight]: But there are only 2 floors.

UPS guy: Hahahaahahaha!!

It was very good-natured mirth and I had to laugh with him. I like cheerful people and he was making his day on the job more fun, and brightening mine, too. It’s like what I tell my people – I’m here to make your world a happier place.

I’m in a position to do that since I’ve gotten pretty adept (out of necessity) at counting my blessings.

382.  Laughing at the  Wrong Time

382. Laughing at the Wrong Time

The bottom line, though, if someone asks me why in the world I should be cheering anyone else up is simple: I’m a daughter of The King.

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