415. Update


Thanks so much for praying!  My x-rays indicate that my bones look good – now I just have to wait to be told if there’s anything to be done about the not-bones.  :).

To: Coach R
From: Me
Re:  My bones look good
Hi, R – I got 6 x rays on Friday (left ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and both elbows) and my PCP says the results are happy – my bones look good!  .  So although my bones are good my ankle is still bothering me and (most other things but especially) my elbows are grumpy, too – I’m trying to scale back on the [fine motor activities that aggravate them].   I’m trying not to do anything stupid while I wait for a call from the Rehab Doc my PCP referred me to. Presumably she will weigh in on the state of my soft tissue. In the meantime I’m taking it slow and exercising gently and look forward to enjoying “Michael and Me Time” on Thursday.  (It’s often easier visually to look at the SI cover of Michael Phelps instead of the TV, so I call the AlterG “Michael and Me Time”.)  And then it will be R and Me time!  see you :)atnt

Ann T. Ning Tan

Learning How…to Walk, Wait, and Lots of Other Things
AVM Rupture + Stroke Survivor, Recovery Enthusiast
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