414. That Escalated Quickly


To: Trainer D
From: Me
Re: My joints are grumpy.

So…..my ankle might have gotten a little worse.  What was a very minor grade 1 last week is now a “moderate” sprain that Gen wants me to wear a brace for.  She also popped something back into place – it was gross. It’s not constantly painful or anything but my foot was really dragging on the AlterG [on Thursday].  My elbows are also acting up.  And my vigilant PCP wants X rays of everything just in case so I told her while she’s at it can she please also do the knee and the hip bc I’d like to get the green light again to exercise (or at least that’s my plan – last time I got cleared was by an ortho in 2012).  So my joints need you to be nice to me tomorrow, please :).

I decided not to tell Trainer D anything about my joints and planned to show up on Friday and see what would happen but I broke down and told him beforehand (email above) that my joints are complaining. Things escalated quickly since I felt that weird twinge on my ankle while I was “running” in the AlterG. After a few paces I was like, Meh, and forgot about it. But the following week it was harder to ignore even though, as I assured Coach R, “I tried to do nothing dumb over the weekend.” It is awfully convenient that Gen is an ortho, so she can check out all my joints and works on them weekly. But then I decided I should do my duty and tell my PCP. I was like, I’m not sure I really need to see anyone…I’m just asking for a referral just in case.

She, being way on top of this situation, emailed me immediately saying, We’re going to need x-rays of all that.

Today the man at the reception desk looked at the order and was like, Wow, so you’re getting a lot done, huh? Yeah. It turned out to be 6 – left ankle, knee, hip and shoulder, plus both elbows. I figured we might as well do everything at once.

113.  Going Backwards (Why I like Ps 34)

113. Going Backwards (Why I like Ps 34)

The last time I did this was in 2012. I had just been discharged from The Place and the hemiparesis surfaced. I thought something was really wrong so I got the full work up. Sadly, A6 had just cut me loose so he wasn’t around to help me out. The really great thing now, I told him a couple weeks ago in the park, is that I have a bunch of people scheduled throughout the week to watch out for me and fix things as necessary.

413.  A Walk in the Park

413. A Walk in the Park

I know that was my original premise – but I don’t always act like that was my intention since I kind of like to have my own way. A lot. Example: my goal this past Thursday was to keep my shoes on and my brace and sock intact even though Coach R had made cryptic references to ROM (Range of Motion) manipulation when I had emailed him about what was going on a couple days before. Everything stayed on my foot but that did not deter him from investigating.

By that evening, though, I knew for sure that things were malfunctioning in a way even I couldn’t ignore so I wrote Trainer D the email above. The good news is that I got to sit or lie down for the whole session today before I went for my x-rays. The bad news is that he did a lot of head shaking with knit brows when he examined the muscles near my ankle and lower leg. And then there was a lot of writhing, trying to wiggle away, verbal protests like, “Go away!” and other manifestations of momentary ingratitude on my part as he attended to the ankle, hip, and shoulder.  My reaction was the unfiltered version of how I’ve been acting with Gen and CMD lately, who, BTW, have been in fine form.

My entire left side feels better, though, so I’m glad, even though it felt worse at the time. So now I just have to wait for my results. I told both Trainers, I already limp, walk with a cane, own a walker and a wheelchair….this really isn’t that bad. I meant that whatever happened to my ankle isn’t making my gait look a lot worse since it wasn’t that pretty to begin with. But it does affect my confidence. I miss my air cast – just like I miss Z, the one who used to carry me around Vibra :).

I’m also just uncomfortable all over. This is mostly likely a carry-over from being stressed out, but it’s been building for a while. For the first time I’ve noticed that Coach R has had to exert increasing amounts of leverage to stretch me. There was a time when I had seen assisted stretching being done, but it was wholly unnecessary for me– my own body weight was more than sufficient for me to roll into the splits in every direction.

Is that me shaking, or you? I asked on Thursday while my left leg was extended ceiling-ward. Both, I think, he said – it’s a good thing he has a strong grip otherwise I’m pretty sure my leg would’ve snapped back and hit him in the head.

Ah, well – even if it had, he’s the type that would recover quickly. I, on the other hand, lack that kind of resilience. What are small potatoes for most people can turn out to be Big Potatoes for me. My old PCP put things in perspective for me: Your immune system is not compromised. But if you get a stuffy nose I want to hear about it.

So please pray I get a good report from all my x-rays and everything that needs healing gets healed up pronto! Thanks 🙂

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