284. Outlier 2.0

Outlier 2.0 | Ann Ning Learning How

I joined a gym yesterday. Not kidding. Me. Myself. And I. Joined a gym. I have never done this sort of thing, EVER. I mean, I went to the “The Gym” this summer, but it’s really a private Physical Therapy practice, so although I thought I was there to book some time on the Alter-G like other customers, I ended up getting a chart and everything. They kept tabs on me so I didn’t get over-excited. Now I’m trying out (there’s a 2-week free trial period) a regular gym that’s next to N1’s office. Tanpo took me to visit today – I walked in with questions and walked out with a membership.

It helps that “The Gym,” let’s call it, is very close to home, and the facility and people are really nice. But the clincher for me was that they exhibited zero hesitation when I asked if the personal trainers there would be willing and able to take on a situation like mine. They have trainers on staff with rehabilitation backgrounds and at least one with neuro experience, and they were confident they could help me get where I want to be.

Confidence begets confidence. I was like, sign me up!

I’m at the point where I’m transitioning (at least mentally) to a non-therapy driven recovery. I mean, my Therapy Vacation is over, and I’m back at speech and PT 3x/week, plus there’s acupuncture, but I’m beginning to be willing (good thing, bc I’m also required) to pay for more things out of pocket. I have progressed beyond the point of critical illness and subsequent stabilization. This is shaping up to be a lifelong sort of scenario. As one of my doctors told me last week, after a while he tells patients this is what you have to plan for.

After he made that statement the nurse took my blood pressure and it was super high. It was high before the appointment, too because I was kind of stressed last week (I ended up with 5 medical visits, whereas I had only been planning on 3), but the idea of having to plan on this for life, sent me through the roof.

So I did what any normal person would do – I came home and made a PowerPoint slide. JK, normal people don’t do that kind of thing – it’s just me. Actually, I made the graph in excel first. I polled the peeps at church at midweek meeting on the name of the correct equation to use (thanks, guys!) and then I Googled the correct Excel function. FYI: logarithm = LN(x).

60.  "It's okay if the answer's 'No.'"

60. “It’s okay if the answer’s ‘No.'”

My old graph was still probably overly optimistic – the obviously upward recovery is characteristic of ~your first year after injury (or so people tell me). So now I’m going with the “Outlier 2.0” version of the graph. It shows the level of recovery as a function of time. As time progresses, recovery slows. A lot. Probably more than my graph shows, but I’m doing what I can here.

Yeah, well, I’m not into this whole slowing down thing, even though it’s how the cookie crumbles in situations like mine. Yes, it’s true that my recovery has slowed, but I still want to be an outlier on the graph, and I’m going to do things like try out The Gym and getting a personal trainer to help me take my next steps.

3 thoughts on “284. Outlier 2.0

  1. Now I can legitimately ask you things like “which way to the gym?” And “so what are you lifting these days?” Of course you must imagine me saying it in the deepest voice.

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