I’m just sayin’ – if Trainer David had explained Bioavailability to me I would not have fought him on Day 1. … JK. We all know I would have, anyway. It’s more fun for all of us. 💯 This is Jess, my dietician. She is married to Trainer David. I met him in 2013, and our first fight was about the amino acid profile of Hemp Hearts. 😑 I’m STILL mad about that. 😑. I was vegan at the time, and I LOVED BEING VEGAN. But when I met David he explained that his plans for my physical fitness would likely require me to eat animal products. Eventually I conceded bc I was unable to consume the quantity/quality of food necessary on a plant based diet bc I have a lot of food issues. When I actually STOPPED eating most real food due to stress in 2014, David called me out bc my declining performance in the gym was incontrovertible evidence, and he made me go see Jessica. I think this is her “Professor” voice 🤣💗. I love the info she’s sharing – it’s easy for me to take in. Seriously, this just makes sense to me, bc the concept of bioavailability is scientific fact. It was a big decision to consume animal products again. I started with a little dairy, then seafood, then meat, but only if Ernie grilled it 🤣. But it allowed me to prioritize building strength to face life in the context of how my body works. Expert guidance and knowledge of how my body could take in and use fuel was key. For trustworthy nutritional info, go to @jess.murgueytio.rd And to push and shove with Sister Maria – @letstrainrockville -Tell him

Bossy Smurf says, hi. Trainer Max is also there, and is also fantastic, fyi.

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