9 yrs of walking! Ezra’s Plan 💗

Ezra asked why I was practicing my #asl at dinner Me: Because I’m losing my hearing. Ezra: Don’t worry, Aunty Ning Ning. I’m gonna get a phone and I’ll type everything to you.|| I am no longer a Cochlear Implant candidate. It would be fantastic for my hearing, but I cannot risk getting dizzier. My internal equilibrium has been in flux since this started in Q418. I became officially deaf in the L in Q220. This is permanent, there’s no reason why this is happening right now, the scope of my original #TBI makes all outcomes uncertain, but I’ve done my medical duty, my people are THE BEST, and presently there is no Action to be taken. My R ear has officially started changing, and I have seen my AuDs and reviewed the protocol. I have a 100% accuracy rate in discerning changes in the past, and the current change is mild and merits no intervention. This new level of Hearing Loss and the non-possibility of a CI mean I am pretty stressed out. My lovely Neuro said it’s messing up my muscles. I have been in a TON of pain, but have access to equipment/strategies to help myself at home. My Psych re-started my PTSD dreaming meds and boosted my anxiety meds bc I’m dreaming again and compressing my voice box so that growth is aggravated. My other MHP’s are ALL OVER helping me deal with all these changes. I now need a Hearing Aid in the R ear, but am becoming better at understanding inaudible communication. Prayer Requests: PRAISE (1) I’m in pain, but I can still walk from one room to another whenever I want. Today is my 9th Walking Anniversary and I am NEVER GETTING OVER IT. (2) I have SO MANY resources to deal with pain, anxiety and PTSD compared to last time I was dreaming bad things in 2015-16 (3) I’m grateful these hearing changes are happening at this stage in the game. I needed to take verbal direction from my Therapists early on otherwise I would have not made rapid progress. (4) The Lord has prepared me to deal with any number of outcomes here. It is sad sometimes, and rather daunting, but every scenario is a COMPLETELY WORKABLE situation. ||PLEASE: Grace. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

Comments, anyone? Thanks for saying "hi" :) (Sorry I can't reply all the time, but when I do the reply appears only on this blog unless I remember to reply via email.)

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