The details….

Ernie is feeling well and they are starting to discuss discharging him. WOW. Reminder: this is a complete 180 from what they thought a week ago. This plus Daddy being home and doing well – 😳😢💗💗💗. I can’t even. 😑. ⬅️ That is my Happy Face. Sniff sniff. Please pray (1) Ernie is confirmed to be doing so well that he is discharged early this week. (2) Homebound Logistics: ERKEP is moving house in the midst of all this. Please pray for location and settling logistics for follow-up home care (3)⭐️ 100% healing and strengthening 🔥||my note: Ernie is at the 2-week mark. 2-wks of inpatient while lucid = INCREDIBLY WEARING. Mommy was like, you should’ve seen your face when they told you your goal discharge date. (They told me at 3rd hospital they’d hold me for a month and I was like, 😑, you’re messing up my Agenda.) It was Ernie and Ruth who prepared Mommy Daddy’s Empty Nest to receive me when I was FINALLY released from the Hospital. They are IMMENSELY CAPABLE, plus, Mom and Dad Bj are there!! But still, this is heavy lifting. But one of my dear aunts told my parents as they pondered how to transport me across the country: it’s okay – the details are NOTHING to Him. 💗

One thought on “The details….

  1. I am so happy your brother and father are making recoveries of their medical issues. Your family has gone through so much over the years, I hope things finally calm down for your family.

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