Pls Pray: Ernie’s 💗

Ernie is receiving IV antibiotic treatment in the hospital. PLEASE PRAY that he continues to respond well to treatment, this infection will not reach his heart, and no additional action will be necessary. Thank you so much for your love and prayers. In every circumstance we rejoice to be under the Good Shepherd’s Care and Authority. || Ernie does NOT have COVID-19, he has a congenital heart condition and a valve that was transplanted at 6 and 13 yrs old. Please pray for comfort for his beautiful wife, Ruth, and 3 kids. They cannot see him at all due to hospital COVID-19 protocol||Pic: Jun 4, 1979 – Ernie’s first surgery|| from Ann/Ning: my brother is why the Tans know how to deal with health crises. 1st line of defense: PRAY. Thank you for your kind concern. Please know that we are grateful – but since I deal with significant and changing disabilities plus PTSD etc., I do not have the bandwidth to reply to everything. Also, I must be extremely careful of my audio and video intake, so please help me by using text or email only. I will post updates publicly. Thank you so much. 💗💗💗

One thought on “Pls Pray: Ernie’s 💗

  1. Thank you so much for the information; I have been hoping to hear that he is better.
    We miss as he was doing so much work with the Sunday meeting and Wednesday.
    We appreciate all his loving care to do that work. I am praying for Ruth, children, parents and sister. Elizabeth

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