Define “Bump” 

My last post referenced “bumps in the road.” Injuries happen – it behooves me to learn to move safely, but sometimes you can’t help it. But to be clear: My hip tore bc of Real Life, NOT gym life – what I do in the gym both mitigates the risk of injury and heals me up when those inevitable injuries happen. My L hip originally tore in 2016 on a trip to the playground with my babies involving uneven/rough terrain. Randy rehabbed me so I broke up with my Ortho Surgeon via email bc I am supremely uninterested in Surgical Intervention. I liked my surgeon, though – he explained that a ton of people my age might have a labral tear, but they can hack it, whereas my body/joints do not function like regular folks’ do. He also pointed out the difference bw pain and functionality. I got a lot better but was diagnosed with the tears again in March (it got aggravated bc of my balance disruption concurrent with hearing loss resulting in hilarious but harmful evasive lateral movements). Lately my hip and legs have been acting up. My Neuro and Coach R have looked at me and pointed out that I cannot ignore this forever. After R did soft tissue work on the lower legs Mon we spoke frankly and R said the hip’s already torn – I’m not necessarily going to make it worse, it’s just that my activities might make me more aware of the pain sometimes. My real beef was that I lost a ton of functionality within the last 2 weeks. So he said that if I fail to continue strength training with him and Trainer D, I will definitely deteriorate. Cautionary Tales with Coach R 🤣😑! This was music to Sister Maria’s ears and he made me work SO HARD yesterday. But you know what? Even though I had Jello legs after the workout I WAS NOT LIMPING like I was when I walked into the gym. And 24 hours later I’m STILL not limping. Confidence through strength training. FASCINATING. Thanks, David and Randy! I know I’m bossy and fuss with you both, but I actually DO listen to what you say. And I’m so glad I feel better bc I need the energy to hang out with Mommy Daddy – we have a couple docs (not mine) to see this week! Thank you for praying for us. xoxo 

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