172. So Simple: Ribbon Wreath Plate

So Simple"  Ribbon Wreath Plate from SimplySouthern.com || Ann Ning Learning How

In keeping with the “So Simple” series, this project is easy peasy.  It’s also amazingly useful.  I tried this idea from SimplySouthern.com – you just weave a ribbon through holes you’ve punched in the edge of a paper plate, and then you can bring it to a potluck or to the office, etc. – and you don’t need to keep track of it and bring it home.  It’s pretty and has some personality, but it’s disposable – and that’s the beauty of this.  It presents well if you’re taking food to an event, and it’s convenient – you just have to enjoy the party, and you can forget about the plate.

I used a pretty square plate with a mint/silver pattern because I live with Mommy so that was what was in the pantry.  But Lauren (SimplySouthern.com) used a plain white round plate with red ribbon and the contrasting colors had an easy, high-impact effect.  She also suggested that you can use different types of ribbon to coordinate with the holiday as appropriate.

So the next time you’re toting cookies etc. anywhere, here are the instructions.

Wondering what to put on your plate?

If you like chocolate:

If you like mint: (Grasshopper Cookies)