213. 2-Ingredient “Magic Shell”

2-Ingredient "Magic Shell" | Ann Ning Learning How

This recipe couldn’t be easier.  It’s really just instructions:

Mix equal quantities of (1) coconut oil and (2) cocoa powder. 


I read somewhere that coconut oil is a primary ingredient in Magic Shell, and since coconut oil and butter are solid when cold it wasn’t a huge leap of faith for me to mix some cocoa powder in and call it an ice cream topping.  The picture above is actually mint “magic shell” – I put a drop of peppermint extract in so it’s really 3-ingredient “magic shell.”  You could put some sweetener in if you really want to, but since I was putting mine on ice cream (non-dairy) I figured I didn’t need any more sugar and I didn’t miss it one bit.  It’s “dark” chocolate “magic shell,” people.  I put a couple of grain-free brownies in the bottom – genius!  (Even if I do say so myself.)  I’ve been experimenting with coconut flour/flax egg brownies since not everyone enjoys nuts/eggs and will eventually post a recipe.  I made the ones above with coconut flakes in them but want to try a plain-Jane version.

It turns out that Timmy and Hannah do not prefer coconut.  I’m okay with that (more for ME!) and will accommodate their preference since they DO love peanut butter and I myself am not a die-hard coconut fan.  We all agree, though, that brownies in general are delicious so we are on the same page gastronomically.  If you do not like brownies, though, I really don’t know what to say.  Maybe you could go make these:

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