242. Land and Pool PT Pie [Gluten Free and Vegan]

I <3 PT Pie |Flourless Almond Coconut Blondie + Brownie Swirl |GF, Vegan | Ann Ning Learning How

I thought this was going to get easier, but it isn’t.  I’m not going back to Planet Rehab.  I didn’t know I wasn’t returning when I left NRH in June, but it turns out that my health insurance is changing and I’m going to let it take me (for a variety of reasons) somewhere closer to home.  When I came to this realization recently I was sad.  Ed broke out in hives.  The only thing I could think to do was bake something – this is a flourless almond butter coconut blondie with a brownie swirl.  I practiced on the one in the picture, and I’ll bake another and bring it in to the nice peeps at NRH on Friday.  Thanks for everything xoxo.

I’ve always just called my sessions, “PT” and “Pool Therapy,” but I’ve often heard staffers distinguish the two by saying, “Land” vs. “Pool” Therapy.  The contrast between the two is why I wanted to bake something with two distinct entities in it.  The almond coconut blondie is fantastic, even if I do say so myself.  Technically, the brownie swirl is optional, but I highly recommend it.  I could barely wait to snap the picture above before I sampled the pie on the blue plate.  As I was chewing I decided that I really enjoyed the chocolatey edge the brownie swirl gives to the sweet fudgy blondie.  I used almond butter this time, and tried making my own in the Vitamix.  It was 90% successful, I’d say – I think the fact that there’s one ingredient (almonds) and the homemade texture might influence the gooeyness of the pie, but I’m not sure since I’ve never bought almond butter from the store.  The coconut adds a lovely bit of texture, and it’s yummy, too!

My sister made a chocolate chip pie a couple of times this summer and served it with ice cream to some very happy guests.  I looked longingly at that pie, sad that I had decided to go grain free.  Well, this is a delicious compromise.  Ai Ai, I need you to make this and see if my children like it.  I’m sure Timmy will, since he’s so obliging like that.  But if you want to omit the coconut just throw some oatmeal in there.

I ❤ Land & Pool PT Pie [Gluten Free and Vegan]
Flourless Almond Coconut Blondie Pie with a Brownie Swirl
Preheat oven to 350, Grease a pie plate

For the Blondie:

  • 1 c almond butter (I used homemade)
  • ½ c unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 flax egg
  • ¼ c maple syrup
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • splash of vanilla
  • pinch of salt

Mix everything in a bowl and pour it into your pie plate

For the Brownie Swirl:

  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • ½ Tbsp ground flax
  • ½ Tbsp maple syrup
  • splash of almond milk – or enough to facilitate mixing

Stir everything together.  I used the same mug I had used to make the flax egg for the pie.  Mine was very powdery, but when I let it sit for a minute as I wiped up a spill (oops, my bad), it settled down perfectly.  This quantity will make more than you need, but I needed enough to hold on to while I made the swirl.  It doesn’t have to be a swirl, BTW, you can make the design anything you wish.  Pour the chocolate batter into a Ziploc sandwich or snack size bag, leaving one corner clean (lean the bag to one side).  Snip the corner so you can use the hole to squeeze the batter out on top of the pie in the pattern of your choice.

Bake for around 17 minutes.  (That’s how long it took me – just keep an eye on it.  Ovens are different!)

This is what happened when I got discharged from Therapy last time:

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69. Williamsburg –  Taliaferro-Cole Summer Garden
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