Inspirational Therapy Pic


If the space is not occupied by mirrors, a rehab gym’s walls are usually decorated with inspirational therapy photos.  I used to look at them and make up stories about what the patients were really thinking in them.  This is my contribution – looking (this is an eyes-only experience for me) into the pastry case at R’s coffee cart at Therapy is an inspiring moment for me.  Look – there was pie in there yesterday.  Mmm…pie.  

p.s. Today’s a two-poster, so make sure to look at this morning’s post if you haven’t.  And sorry the comments weren’t working this morning – my bad – now they are.

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My other nemesis… (2 of 2)


…is social media.  Ugh.  Ed says he’s glad I got these books because it’s good for me to practice reading (the magnifying glass helps) and he hopes that I’ll “Learn something.”

p.s.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  I’ve hit some bumps in the road and my books won’t be “launching” until later, but I will celebrate the site and blog’s official beginning next week.   Goodnight.  I have to go figure out FB and Twitter now.  It’s part of my recovery.