The Lord gave me a Surprise: 💪🏾. Hello, Muscle Mass!!

I finally have GOOD news to share!! I gained Skeletal Muscle

Mass in the last year even though I have felt increasingly awful. SERIOUSLY. This is my biggest muscle gain ever – 134% of my biggest YOY gain at the height of running/training 5x/week. This past year I saw Dr. Cheryl @powherchiro and Andre @sdpphotostudio 1x/week and just tried to move. I often had to stop bc Of breathing or balance, and we’ve been really careful. So I was SHOCKED when my doc Showed me the numbers. And i confirmed that fancy scale does not lie. I started losing muscle in mid 2018 – my gait broke down, David kicked me out of his gym, I did not tell D I was still seeing Randy (SOMEONE had to look after me!) and Randy LITERALLY badgered me into going back to PT. I finally agreed once I became unable to stand for the duration of my extensive personal grooming routine. 😑. DLee @drdavidleedpt @fyzicalgermantown reworked my gait (thank you 🔥), and I ran my first mile in the @alterginc, but I had to stop bc I started losing hearing and got Sea Legs. Sniff Sniff. Now I see Dr. Cheryl and Andre weekly, but I grieved as I watched my quality of life decline, and still tried (often unsuccessfully) to run and move. Such a large gain in this context is a gift from God. I was prepared to receive news that I had LOST muscle this year. But God made it so I had my biggest gain yet. The important thing is that even in the midst of physical decline He has been communicating truth, strength and hope to me and above all: His care FOR me. 💗💗💗 “He restoreth my soul,” in the presence of physical weakness (Ps 23.3) – it’s just that He also decided to surprise me with +muscle mass in a way that makes zero sense to me except that He brought my consistent attempts to fruition. This has fired up my chi enough to embark on the further medical investigations on my to do list through November. It’s a long list and includes more #Dysautonomia testing, and a special swallow study. I started a #mechanicalsoft diet a few months ago.

#avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #learninghowtolive #lifeismysport #shreddedgrace

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