Nick is going to Indiana 🏈

Dear Ones, 

Nick Cross was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts!!!
Do you know why I am loyal to Nick?  He’s a Chapel Baby.  And when he was 5 or 6 I heard him recite this verse for Sunday School:
The word of God Is living and powerful.  And I never forgot it.  I was having a really tough time living life at that moment, which prepared me for my life now.  And hearing those words from the mouth of a little kid really ministered to me heart.
So then I marched over to Mrs. Ridgely’s hospital room at Georgetown, cracked open the GIANT red “Sword of the Spirit” she kept with her as an inpatient and said, look what it says!!!   I AM helped.  She was having a rough time, too, and she really appreciated that verse.
So now we can pray for Nick’s new teammates, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ, who will welcome him to Indianapolis.
This whole process has been way too exciting for me.  I gotta go lie down.  Special thanks to J–>G, who saved me a lot of time and Google anxiety by explaining things so patiently.  It was like early in the pandemic when I started ignoring Gov. Hogan Bc “I’ll just wait for Gh to explain it.”
Congratulations, Chapel!!  We made it through out first NFL Draft!!  I rejoice to be a part of this family, and that Nick had us participate in this process by asking us to pray for him from the beginning.  Continuing to pray for the Cross family bc their eldest is moving away.  💗🙏💗.
Goodnight.  I seriously have to go calm down.  Maybe some warm milk… 
Xxxoooo, ning

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