Day 2 💗

April 7 was the 11th anniversary of my AVM Rupture, and this has been the hardest anniversary for me, except for my first. Fyi, my anniversary stretches out through July 24, Decision Day – the day I decided that Jesus Christ is the Person He says He is. April 8 was the hardest bc it was within the critical 72 hours post surgery. I had 72 hours to “respond” or else they would consider “next steps.” My family arrived in Portland on Day 2 and were informed that I was “the sickest person in the hospital” and things didn’t look good bc a response had not been forthcoming thus far, in spite of the heroic, textbook efforts of kind nurses to elicit a reaction from me. The memory of Day 2, April 8, weighed so heavily on me last week. FYI, the body remembers EVERYTHING, especially anniversaries, even if you claim not to. And I remember A LOT more stuff than I’ m

saying 😑, which, if you’ve read my stuff from the beginning, you’ll be like, WHAT? she’s holding back?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🙄. Yes, well, I am. But as we celebrate Easter tomorrow, I am so thankful that God did NOT hold back. Christ stepped into time and died that cruel, humiliating, degrading death on the cross bc it was all part of the plan. Today we remember His Day 2. He endured separation in order to make connection *possible* for us. And on Day 3, He rose again, just like He said He would. And bc He endured the horror of being separated from the Father, on my own Day 2, and the 4,025 days that have followed, I have never been alone. #heisrisen #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #shreddedgrace #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive || p.s. bringing many sons to glory is a reference to Heb 2.10

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