Kitchen Mobility Update

I had this wild idea it was Friday. Now I’m all disappointed. This used to happen all the time at the reception desk at the gym. They’d break the news to me and ROTFLOL. I baked this bread in a heart shape to make Mommy Daddy laugh. THANK YOU, Disabled Community, for giving me cooking tips when I decided to pursue Kitchen Mobility in 2013. It ebbs and flows. In Mar ‘20 I LITERALLY could not scramble an egg. Today I made that bread and DF (Cauli) chicken clam chowder. Yes, my back, face, eyes, ears all hurt. Also, my entire torso, legs, and arms. My physicality is not fabulous, but cooking helps me manage stress, so it’s worth it. #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #shreddedgrace

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Mobility Update

  1. You go, girl…I made an omelet today that was almost too heavy for one disabled person in a wheelchair to lift, so I had half for dinner tonight and will enjoy the other half in the morning…this is the first time for trying eggs that are already cracked and whipped AND are conveniently packaged in a milk carton on your grocer’s shelf right next to the real eggs still in their shells… just spray yer no stick omelet pan with some additional protecting oil and then decide what to put into “it”…besides the handy no crack egg stuff, I included tasty items like pre-cooked & pre-chopped up greasy sausage, some tofu, three strips of crisp bacon, about a third of a cup of refried pinto beans, half an alvacado, and three kinds of cheese…then I put a clear glass lid that wasn’t exactly designed for that particular pan over the whole concoction, turned the heat to simmer and waited for the cheese(s) to melt and finally added about three tablespoons of fresh salsa…sound good??? A surprise in every bite…maybe I should rephrase that and say: ” like a fiesta in every bite”??? Ricardo in Oregon


  2. It looks wonderful! So sorry that you hurt so much from doing it! (I am sending a heart emoji—just don’t know how I can do it on this computer).



  3. Hi,
    Cooking takes so many skills! Standing, reading, moving back and forth, bending, standing, processing, remembering, standing! When I first started cooking after my stroke I made crock pot meals. I prepared the veggies 1 day, meat, seasonings the next. Most meals were 2 day preps, and I could only handle 1 meal a week. Stamina builds but cooking still requires much brain and body conditioning. It’s great exercise, though and so rewarding! It does get easier. Good luck with your future endeavors!!

  4. You are shaping up to be exactly like your mother: a kitchen magician! That bread… and homemade clam chowder??? 😋😋😋😋😋 sounds so delicious!

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