Moving House/Quarantine Apathy 🦻

Please pray (1) ERKEP moving house this weekend – for now they are staying local to ensure continuity of care. The kids are doing great, and so is Ernie, although tired. Ruth = 💗 fabulous as always. Please pray for energy and comfort. So thankful for Mom and Dad Bj’s help and the Uncles (R’s brothers)!!!! (2) ⭐️ Continued healing for

Ernie ⭐️ (3) Ann/Ning’s Drama: (a) Trouble breathing and swallowing due to aggravated vocal cyst. This has been monitored since 2011. My longsuffering ENT verified it’s ok, and surgery is purely elective. (I avoided it in 2013 by learning how to run and swallow my own spit instead 🙌, but I have not run since 11/18 due to gait and balance disruption.) I need improved swallowing and breathing. (b) L ear hearing loss confirmed today to be significantly worse than in February. I received STRONG DIRECTION to explore immediate intervention alternatives. But I have Quarantine Apathy and burned out on so many tests and appointments prior to lock down I kinda just want to sit here while EVERYONE KEEPS HIS/HER HANDS TO HI’SSELF. 😑 But this might not be the right attitude 😑 so please pray for an open mind and clear direction re. the best treatment, if any, and PTL for all the professionals who look after me even though I fuss. And thank the Lord for bringing us wonderful docs to look after Daddy and Ernie, too 💗. Ps. Daddy is well – we had a nice walk tonight. 💗 Pic: Ruth reading P2 a story xxxooo

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