Many Sparrows

Last week I left the house for the first time for some testing. My clinic is taking all sorts of precautions and this stuff had to be deemed “necessary” and I had to pass screening before being let in the locked front doors. I’m grateful for the medical pro’s who keep treating in the midst of all this. Before lockdown I had 3 Therapy Rx: 1) Occupational 2) Vestibular 3) Hip Rehab. Although med environments are starting to open up I’m not eager to pursue these Therapies – except the Hip thing. Coach R is still in charge of that (per my ortho) – but not yet. Being home and not at the doc ALL THE TIME like I was prior to seclusion has allowed me to rest and adjust to these new physical parameters (AGAIN), although it’s still a work in progress and I miss the BPNA with Coach “Let’s Practice good habits” R and Sister “you need Tabata” Maria . Daddy has not been scheduled for GB surgery yet, but has blood and imaging on the horizon in the next month. Mm hmm. 😑 I’m not eager to go anywhere bc I want to minimize my own exposure especially bc I live with Mommy Daddy. Although, it could be argued that I have an underlying health condition and should be careful on my own account, but whatever. 🤣🤣😑. The great thing is, though, that I’m continuing to learn even though I’m not an OutPatient. My people have taught me enough self awareness that this time is very useful as I observe my own performance in daily household tasks like laundry and making tea. But the break from my Medical Rounds has also driven home the seriousness of my situation. I’m busy prioritizing the skills needed to preserve/build my quality of life and I’m realizing just how many things I dismissed as unimportant after I woke up. I might have dismissed them, but God never did – He just shielded me from the full realization of it bc it was too heavy for me to carry. FYI, it’s STILL too heavy. Which is why it’s a good thing He carries it for me. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

Comments, anyone? Thanks for saying "hi" :) (Sorry I can't reply all the time, but when I do the reply appears only on this blog unless I remember to reply via email.)

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