Resource Scarcity

I was doing pretty well with this whole COVID-19 business until I heard a PM use the word “ventilator.” And I was all, AAAAHHHHH! Bad things. NOT GOOD. (Flashback.). And then I learned that in the absence of adequate equipment hospitals will have to prioritize access to these ventilators. And my heart went out to the people having to plan ahead, and the patients who are dreading this. My Survivor friends often deal with questions of the value of their life vs. the resources consumed in saving/maintaining their lives. This is DEEP WATER with no easy answer. All I can say is that my AVM Rupture taught me God’s value for the individual. He asks us to turn our faces towards Him no matter how we feel. And He demonstrated the value He places on human life by giving us His Son. And then He demonstrated His power by raising Him again. I don’t need to worry about whether or not I will have access to toilet paper or a ventilator. Resource scarcity is not even a thing with My Father, but our world functions within the boundaries of physical limitation. Praying for the professionals serving the sick and those who are vulnerable tonight. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

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