Hoya Saxa ⚽️

Watching ⚽️ helps me neurologically, no joke. I spent 3+ years running in the AlterG while watching ⚽️ on TV. It’s a ton of eye work, and when combined with motion it’s fantastic. Early PT taught me to focus on one point and maintain movement. I’ve graduated to following the ball with my eyes while meal prepping (hi, SmurfetteRD!!) Well, k fine, I’m actually forcing the issue. I’m dizzy and nauseous off and on, which is really cramping my style. 2 nights ago a door frame jumped out of nowhere, but I kept my wits about me. I clung to Trainer D all Friday. It’s R’s turn tomorrow. But you know what? Georgetown won. #hoyasaxa – and #istillbleedhoyablue #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor ##lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

2 thoughts on “Hoya Saxa ⚽️

  1. Ning
    I read your post re:your friend facing baclofen surgery and his anxiety. I’m now on my second pump and the prospect of my third in a year or two (Dr Kalhorn Gtwn neurology-0utpatient happy to have contact with either you or both if desired 301-633-4347. Sorry for a. Short note but I don’t do well with IPad keyboards

    Doug Crow 😄

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