Chasing December

Prayer Req: increased stamina for December 4 event and return to church || I lost a TON of stamina since my gait breakdown and initial hearing loss in 2018. The increased demands of life in 2019 have been rough, too. But the dizziness and nausea from this last adjustment (Oct ’19) have abated! YAY!! I feel SO MUCH BETTER. The Guys helped me get my sea legs AGAIN.

Pep talk with Coach R:

Me: Randy, my knee really hurts when I’m on the stairs.

R: Are you concentrating on your form? 😑

(Side note: I 🤣🤣🤣 bc it was SUCH a Randyish thing to say. Also, it was extremely reminiscent if Andy Frankenstein.)

Trainer David has given me a gentle 3x week home cardio build up plan that concentrates on my breathing. I’m working towards a Dec 4 event and returning to church. The construction is finishing up and I’m so excited to see all the kids! Thanks again to all my friends who have driven me around and kept me connected 💗. Returning will be a big physical task, though, and I will need to pre plan and ramp this up.|| David has been my biggest breathing critic since 2014, but backed off when the PTSD surfaced. I flatly refused to do a V02 test several years ago and just looked at him with tears in my eyes bc I was too shy to tell him that I have Breathing Baggage from the Life Support/Ventilator process. Randy encouraged me to run (he kept on giving me rules to limit wear on the legs except speed ROTFLOL) bc he saw it was emotionally necessary for me. But I can no longer get away with that superior lung capacity I built on stress breathing bc my arm almost fell off in 2017. Now I’m working on managing my oxygen levels during exertion and am keeping a Pulse Ox log. I will discuss with you later, D. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

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