Urgent: Daddy xxxooo

Please pray that Daddy will stop bleeding internally and that his BP will stabilize (it’s currently too low). The aneurysms are untreatable due to blood vessel complications and the multiple blockages Daddy already has impeding blood flow in the brain. Dr. C was unable to “secure” either aneurysm, but we are grateful for her skilled care and decision – making. She was able to improve the blood flow on one side, and Lord willing in another month she will work on the other side. However at this moment Dr. C and others are intervening to address Daddy’s hematoma. They have to go through the neck to give him his meds. They will try to stop the bleed, and Daddy will need a blood transfusion. #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm

2 thoughts on “Urgent: Daddy xxxooo

  1. Hi Ning,

    We are praying for your dad and your family members.

    God bless,

    Auntie Peng Cheng & Uncle CC ________________________________

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