Hold up…you mean WHAT?!?! (Intentionality in movement)

Prayer Req: After I saw my Neuro a month ago, my Mental Health Pros required immediate action, too. I’m grateful for a unified Team determined to help me. 😑 I’m paying the price physically and mentally for everything I’ve done since March. I knew there would be consequences but I had the present ability to do stuff and the right people in place to coach me through risk mitigation and do damage control later. Thank God that a month ago I chose a course of physical in home treatment that is really helping my back. Also, Sister Maria (David) gave me a therapeutic exercise regimen. Randy lectured me on intentionality of movement. I BELIEVE in visualization and rebuilding brain pathways by concentrating on firing certain muscles. David’s exercises relieved the pain, but I thought I was stuck with this weird knee grinding. I didn’t quite believe Randy, so I said, “Hold up. Are you telling me that I can influence the function of all that stuff in my knee by just THINKING about it?!?!” He said, if my diagnosis is correct, yes. This was accompanied by an anatomical explanation that I did not understand, but I nodded solemnly to convey agreement with his teachings. Granted, I have to remember a ton of other stuff about alignment that @fyz taught me. But it WORKED 😳. 🙌🔥 Please pray for (1) PAIN RELIEF as my knee, hips, and entire body continue to improve.

(2) WISDOM for future treatment decisions

(3) STAMINA – I have lost a ton due to improper breathing and inability to run since November. It has taken a huge toll. I have not been at church since March – except once. That one time I was sick afterwards. I have to build up again – I will start alternative cardio in July. This is how my mobility was won- starting with 50

strides on the elliptical. I built to 1000 and eventually learned to run. My quality of life is highly impacted by cardiovascular health. I can walk gently, but although I love walking w Daddy, it aggravates everything wrong with my gait. But PTL, we had a very nice walk this morning. We are on target for his next procedure – Jun 27. Thank you for your prayers.

P.s. I forgot to explain – I said this on Fb and Instagram but not here.  Sister Maria = Trainer David.  It’s like the Sound of Music – how do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?  But the real reason I call him that is bc we all know Julie Andrews’ destiny lies beyond the convent.  🤣🤣🤣

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2 thoughts on “Hold up…you mean WHAT?!?! (Intentionality in movement)

  1. Ann: I’d like to learn more about ‘thinking good thoughts’…kinda’ sounds a little bit Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” approach from the early 1950’s when his book was being widely read and closely followed??? Ricardo in Oregon


    • Hi, R!!! Actually, I am allergic to positive thinking – I woke up so mean and require proof for anything. I’m not talking about good thoughts or positive thinking, really, but the kind of visualization techniques athletes use. Translated into my world, this means imagining the movement and concentrating on the specific muscles and how, eg the order in which, they should fire. I am not a medical person. Anatomy mystifies me – but visualizing movement and how I want my body to move really helps 🙌

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