Thank you all for your kindness. This is an intro for new friends who might be confused by my hashtags. My name is Ann/Ning. I survived an AVM Rupture and massive stroke in 2011 right after I declared my intent to move to Africa as a missionary. I lived, but am now permanently disabled. Now I write and speak about Survivorship and Recovery, as well as the spiritual implications of what happened to me. Www.ShreddedGrace .com || Daddy had a stroke in March ‘19. He has two aneurysms and multiple blockages impeding brain blood flow 😑. Thank God Daddy is recovering well. I get a lot of my hardcoreness from him, but let’s be real – Mommy is what’s what. We all agree. Prior to Daddy’s event I was adjusting to sudden hearing loss, major balance disturbance, crushing fatigue, gait regression, accompanying joint pain, and other Stuff. I received a new script to re rehab an old injury (L Hip #labraltear s), but my own PT is on hold bc I’m hanging out with Daddy. I’ve ignored many problems semi successfully and actually seen gait/balance gains. But my strategies (control of rest, light, and sound) for coping with the hearing loss and additional sensory interference have been disrupted. I am already #hypervigilant – you can imagine that Daddy’s event has only exacerbated this as well as the things still wrong with my gait. And yet, I trust God with Daddy’s safety while I do what I can to make sure Mommy is okay and I don’t injure myself more severely. Obviously, I can’t do a WHOLE lot, so trusting is the best option, which I should be doing anyway. My siblings and their kids have rallied around Grammo and Grampo and keep us smiling and functional. PTL I found a couple drivers to take me to the bare minimum appointments – David (Personal Trainer), Randy (Athletic Trainer), and my Mental Health Pro. JN comes weekly to clean and make sure we are behaving. I 💗 her. Ed Blueberry just celebrated his 88th birthday. FYI he is never going to die, he just stopped aging. Shirley is 6 forever. Thank you for all your prayers over the years. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive #shreddedgrace

Comments, anyone? Thanks for saying "hi" :) (Sorry I can't reply all the time, but when I do the reply appears only on this blog unless I remember to reply via email.)

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