Angiogram May 9

Daddy had a great appointment with the Neurosurgeon. After the Angiogram on May 9 she will decide on the type of procedure for the aneurysms. Although his MRI revealed another event after he came home, 😑she did the standard in office vision and motor post-stroke testing and was pleased at Daddy’s progress and optimistic about his recovery. We are very grateful to the Lord for this prognosis, your prayers, and that Daddy started Outpatient Rehab this week. We had a great PT intake yesterday. Please continue to pray (1) that we receive accurate and timely information – this has been a problem since the original event (2) Daddy’s continued treatment, procedures, home exercises, and recovery.| ps. The NeuroSurgeon also worked on Emmy, who is doing well, PTL 💗 #strokesurvivor #brainaneurysm #shreddedgrace

One thought on “Angiogram May 9

  1. ALL great news!!! Thank you for the update! Don’t forget to take care of yourself…Ricardo in Oregon


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