One thought on “Getting Ready for OP

  1. That’s all good news!!! I bought two hemi walkers and two quad canes a while back but I wasn’t quite up to that level yet so I set them aside and went back to my “touring walker” which has nice features like disc brakes…I don’t have much equilibrium yet so fear of falling is an ever-present threat that I don’t ignore…the hemi canes are light, sturdy and sure-footed and can be a huge help that can and will advance the ball and build strength and confidence. Every p/t I ever worked with shared the view that your core muscles were vital to success with mobility goals, and will delay your plans if they don’t get the time and attention they feel they require and deserve, but you already know that…I didn’t get the memo on those guys on round one, and I paid the price…still paying it in installments…patience and encouragement have important seats at the table where success is discussed, reviewed and handed out…found that out the hard way, too. You, your dad and your family are in good hands. warmest regards, Ricardo in Oregon


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