Daddy Update – the first week

Daddy met with his Neuro, PCP, Vascular Surgeon and PT this week. There is more clarity. 3 PROBLEMS: (1) “mild” stroke (2) multiple blockages (ranging from 65+% to 100%) impeding blood flow to brain (3) 2 small to medium unruptured aneurysms. 3 STRATEGIES: (1) Rehab in home. Pray that we push for major gains this month and Daddy will rest appropriately. Like me, resting is an area of growth for him. (2) Vasc. Surgeon does NOT recommend surgery presently bc it’s riskier to intervene than to live with this level of blockage. Follow up in 6 months (3) Neuro is consulting with Neuro Surgeon to see if Daddy’s aneurysms merit intervention. Presently we are using diet and safe exercise to manage stress and blood pressure. Daddy has been devoted to daily exercise (cardio and weights throughout the day) forever. He has managed hypertension since his youth. There are physical ups and downs. Pray (1) we are able to help him exercise (2) for the Lord’s healing (3) that we will engage the right in home help asap ||| Thank you SO MUCH for your kindness and prayers. And thanks to the friends who have done such practical stuff 💗. No visits yet, please, as we have more appointments to set up. Thank you for all your expressions of care for Daddy. It occurred to me that you might think it’s funny that I call him that. I NEVER called him that until I got sick. When I woke up it was only Daddy!!! and Mommy!!! Ok, mostly Mommy 🤣🤣🤣💗💗💗||| This situation is more nuanced than I thought. I did not see Daddy after the ER and I think none of us understood the physical implications nor the multiple levels of complication. Special thanks to my brothers and sisters who gauged the situation and MADE IT HAPPEN this week. “IT” = making sure we are okay, moving furniture, helping Daddy and Mommy, making me laugh, etc. xoxoxo

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