Daddy is Home!

💗💗💗 Thank you so much for your prayers. Daddy is home!! His left side has some “involvement”, but I assure you that his mind is as sharp as ever 🤣🤣🤣 PTL. I’m keeping my Mon Tues appointments bc I need to strategize with R and D and @fyzicalgermantown about core usage, breathing and bracing, and how to manage my joints, especially in these early days. Daddy is using a walker. Please pray he gains strength fast. 💗💗💗


PT is home and happy to be at home, without the interruptions of a hospital room. PT, Juio and family are very grateful to all for your prayerful support. The prayerful support was definitely felt.
PT had two brain images today, which demonstrated no significant issues (Praise the Lord). Two small aneurysms are present, but these will be managed medically. He will have follow up appointments with Physical Therapy, a Neuroradiologist and a Neurologist in the upcoming week. He does have some mild weakness on his left side and requires some help with walking. This is to be addressed by Physical Therapy. 

Again, very grateful for your prayers. Continued prayers for PT and family are very valued and appreciated.
PS.  P and S from RIO?! Are you reading this? I saw your comment – thank you so much.  I just want you to know I was loopy when I met you, but I meant well 🤣.  Thanks for checking in 💗

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