513. On Sale Now: Vol. 5 Learning How to REACH


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I wanted to go with the less incendiary “You Lived.” But everyone else loved, “You didn’t die,” bc A) it’s an authentic example of SurvivorThink, and B) it’s a quote from my Precious Mommy. This is a Survivorship 101 “How To” Handbook. $20 on Amazon – always non profit. This is what’s inside: Welcome to Survivorship 101
If you didn’t die and you’re wondering what to do next, this book is for you. Specifically, it’s for Marlene – because she survived TWICE and there’s still a whole lot of living left to do. I got my friends to help me write this book to prove a point – Recovery is a Team Sport.
I survived a Cataclysmic Medical Event in 2011. When the dust settled I looked around me and began my adventures in RecoveryLand. Over the past 7 years I realized that “Learning How” has grown into “Shredded Grace.” FYI, we’re all Surviving SOMETHING. But even if you wouldn’t call yourself a Survivor you know one, or you will.
Learning How books are always Non Profit.
1. Introduction – Welcome to the Club
2. Is it Ok that you lived? Decision Day – Ruth
3. There’s No Crying in Baseball – Why walking is SCARY but you should do it Anyway
4. How to Cultivate Survivor GRIT – Matt Hankey
5. The Problem of Pain
6. Best Foot Forward – How to Use a Medical Resume
7. I’ll Fly Away – Mental Health Issues – the Marine
8. The Power of Possibility – A Practitioner Pep Talk – Coach Randy
9. How to Find Help – Trainer David
10. Why Survivors Have Body Image Issues – Jessica Smurfette, RD
11. The Measure of Success – Matt Hankey
12. The Bossy and Sassy Show – How to Choose a Medical ID – Megan
13. We Can Hear You – What to do when Someone You Love is Asleep in the Hospital
14. Champion
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