I REALLY appreciate the people who read this.  I’m sorry I’m so behind in moderating this blog!!  Life keeps on happening.  I got my meds adjusted by my psych after explaining everything to him exclusively in terms of Harry Potter 😂😂, almost freaked out during dental x-rays, etc. but overall my physical condition is improved vastly compared to two months ago.  🙌🏽 we are about a week away from launching Shredded Grace: Reaching Higher.  Stay tuned…


From Instagram….

I drew this pic 8 years ago. There’s a lot of spiritual imagery mixology going on, and it’s a stick figure, but there is still power in this concept. And when I read my note, i burst into tears: VICTOIRE REQUIRES CONFLICT – a context in which to demonstrate victorious behavior 😢. I was trying to learn French when I wrote this. I was searching my prayer journals for guidance tonight. This has happened SEVERAL TIMES 😳😳 a water tight paper trail showing the Shepherd’s leading and preparation. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever read. But thrilling. But still scary. Im hiding these books in my closet again. I wrote about this in my new #shreddedgrace book. Please don’t ask to see these journals, I’m still too weirded out by it and am going to bury them under some linens. But I hope you’re encouraged by this thought. I am. #avmsurvivor #strokesurvivor #lifeismysport #learninghowtolive

5 thoughts on “511. VICTOIRE

  1. I ALWAYS enjoy your post and appreciate your honesty. Our brains are very interesting. In fact our bodies are as well.

    Uniquely formed and fit together.

    Love in Him Wanda

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  2. Ning, What a powerful picture.  Just last week my 15 yr old foster daughter’s counselor asked both of us to draw a picture of our brains.  Mine was large with crazy squiggle lines all through and arrows “attacking the brain” to represent all the pressures and demands and expectations.  What I loved about your picture was the “shield” of words around you to remind us of where our victory is.  Miss you and think of you often.  You are loved and still prayed for!  Karen  PS  God has not called us a ministry of success but to a ministry of mercy,  

  3. Hi Ann,
    We REALLY appreciate you posting. You help more people than you realise. I have been having Alter G physiotherapy for a year last week, all thanks to you posting about it. I would not have heard of it otherwise. So thank you. I am so glad things have been improving for you. And Spring is just around the corner 😊 Laura, UK

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