507.  Happy New Year!!

Click to watch my Update on YouTube (13 min)

I’m a little late, but what’s new about that?  I’m doing this on my phone right now and the app got updated and I have no idea how to do this.  But if I get my computer to cooperate I will post some outtakes from the original “vlog” version.  It’s basically me sitting there, forgetting what happens next, but it’s actually really funny, and I’m totally speaking off the cuff.  Summary: 

Yeah, Ummmmm….I’m not gonna lie – this Life is tough……


(Extremely long, pensive pause)

Happy New Year 💗
Update Summary

1. Thank You, Coach Randy

2. Look at what Matt Hankey can do!! 😳😳🙌🏽👍🏽

3. Introducing Marlene

Coming Soon: ShreddedGrace – Reaching Higher (follow @shreddedgrace on YouTube)

To keep up with my latest adventures (basically, Animal Muppet/Trainer D/ Sister Maria and I relish the opportunity to antagonize each other on a public platform) follow me on Instagram:  @shreddedgrace

4 thoughts on “507.  Happy New Year!!

  1. Sooooo glad to hear from you!!! I’m working every day on my exercises and other health issues…all working towards a long-term solution. You were and still are an incredible inspiration. Thank you. Ricardo


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