490. This Story Isn’t Over Yet…

Romans 8.32 | Ann Ning Learning How

17384558241_e0d2a08d78_bImmediately after publishing my “Thank you” Video I started receiving a steady stream of amazingly kind messages from people who were encouraged and just want to say, “hi.”

The first one was from Sassy Smurf herself, my friend M from Oregon – my Partner in Crime from RIO (3rd Hospital) – she texted me like, was I supposed to cry during that? Bc I totally did.

368.  Commiserating

368. Commiserating

She’s not the only one. A lot of y’all cried – thank you for “feeling” it as much as you did. I forget that the visuals can be really powerful bc they are so familiar to me now, but I saw J last week and she was like, Seriously?! That was crazy. She was referring specifically to the image of me at MBA Graduation (Georgetown MSB ’09) and then the whole first steps video at Vibra (2nd Hospital).

We argued for a while bc it was within the larger context of a discussion about Coach R’s Neighborhood – Episode 1, which I insisted is completely hilarious, but she contended was excruciatingly sad. Well, that’s why I put in those transition slides and gave people fair warning to brace themselves for scenes of Early Recovery!!


Anyway, one of the messages I received was from a friend Daddy made in Korea – he went to preach there maybe like 5 years ago or something. I’ve never met this gentleman (that I recall), and I was so touched that he’d take the time to write to me, and especially pleased that he deciphered my “code.”

Also, it was so sweet to discover your wonderful faith for your future that it is gonna be good. How true it must be when we think of what He has done for us already (Rom 8:32)!

When I said at the end of my letter, I don’t know what’s going to happen next…but it’s gonna be good – so keep on watching… I didn’t offer that as a throw-away kind of statement. It’s one I’ve considered deeply and can offer with complete confidence. Because my hope is not based on the power of positive thinking, or some special knowledge communicated to me in the Valley of the Shadow. It’s based on what’s already happened, 2000 years ago, specifically. He has already proved how much He loves me. Based on that (even ignoring the good stuff of Recovery that’s happened so far) I can face the future with confidence.


Dear friends,


This is a video I made to thank the people who have helped me recover over the last four years. (Click the image on the left, or here) I cried the whole time I worked on it, but in a good way, and I hope you are encouraged by it.


I was diagnosed with Delayed Onset PTSD in February.  It explains my growing (mental and physical) distress at the end of 2014.  I am getting the right kind of help and am monitored with great vigilance and continue to see improvements even as time passes, the date of my injury recedes into history, and we hit bumps in the road along the way.


Please forgive my lack of response if you have contacted me in the last several months.

As my symptoms become aggravated (stress makes them worse) I have had to shut down most “activities” and concentrate on the simple building blocks of living.  I’m just starting to get back on track this week.  Thank you as always for your understanding, kindness, support, and prayers.  Don’t stop now!  I need your prayers more than ever.  But the reason why I’m writing today is to ask you to join me in thanking God for what He has done and what He continues to do.

❤ ann | ning

Ps.  This story isn’t over yet.   I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I’m sure it’s gonna be good – so keep on watching.

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