488. Windfall


A few weeks ago I was pretty down. I felt like I had nothing left in the tank, and I asked God for something as we left for meeting that Sunday morning.

487.  Leave Nothing Left in the Tank

487. Leave Nothing Left in the Tank

Since I got sick it has been my experience that when I try to do something that would be pleasing to the Lord and benefit the body of Christ or further His kingdom….if I try and do something “nice,” He’s kinda like….That was sweet – I appreciate your effort, but let me show you how it’s done.

He has shown me “how it’s done” in some shockingly huge ways that leave me in tears. It’s really difficult for me to talk about these things but I’m working on it.  Apparently I’m supposed to talk about my feelings more and learn how to cry.  :/.  Yeah, I’ll let you know how that goes.

But sometimes it’s smaller but still extremely significant things that thrill my heart and that I can share with you without getting myself all riled up at His goodness and specificity, and hope you are encouraged, too. I call these Windfalls – I don’t go around expecting these post-it notes from the Lord. But maybe I should – they happen so frequently that I should know by now that they’re coming. But part of the delight is in the surprise.

On that Sunday we had some visitors from another state. I knew J and R from before they were married – they used to live here and came to the Chapel. Now they have two gorgeous kids, and were making their way northward to her home town and stopped in the DC area on the way. Before they left R handed me a card that brought tears to my eyes. It means so much when people tell me they think of me and pray for me often – even daily! What a privilege to be a person like the paralytic with the four friends who lowered him through the roof to the feet of the Lord.

471.  Friends

471. Friends

I knew she had prepared that card knowing she was going to see me on their Road Trip. I appreciated the sentiment so much – especially the verse in the picture at the top!

Special things that have made my life easier and/or a more beautiful place have happened since then. Being on the receiving end of such kindness fills my tank up until it’s overflowing – and I realize it’s a privilege to be a target and I respect the kind of life that leaves you open to the Spirit’s leading so that you can be used to encourage someone who needs it.

474.  Overflowing|Kpop's T-shirt for a school vocab project

474. Overflowing|Kpop’s T-shirt for a school vocab project

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