485. Best. Day. Ever.


Isn’t this collage fantastic?  My brother took the pics on his phone so the angle was slightly different than the one I took:

Is THAT for ME?!?!?

Is THAT for ME?!?!?

I love the bottom right pic in the collage.  Sheer delight is written all over that child’s face.

Yesterday I was not so delighted with life.  But looking at this picture collage made me smile so I decided to post it.  I have been coughing for a while but ignored it and called it “allergies” or whatever was convenient at the time.  As it started impacting my lifestyle I got a little more concerned – I ate less in the evening (focusing on soft foods) bc swallowing got harder as my body got tireder, carried a little pack of cough drops everywhere, and prayed I wouldn’t cough too much during Training.

As a precaution, however, Coach R obligingly carried my lozenges in his pocket and Trainer D helpfully pointed out the nearest trash cans in case I needed to throw up and the closest Trainer within the vicinity “for backup.”  On Monday, however, I coughed enough for the first time to have to climb out of the AlterG bubble and take refuge in the locker room for a while.  Coach R was working on someone else but heard me cough as I extracted myself and got the full story later.

Oh, no – wait – just remembered that wasn’t the first time. The first time was when I was feeling a tiny bit unwell but decided to bump my speed up by 1/2 mph anyway instead of the baby step approach. That didn’t end well. I tried to sneak out unnoticed but Coach R caught me :/.

So I finally did what I was supposed to do a while ago and went back to my ENT.  This is ENT3 out of  7 (I think).  I have had a lot of ENT’s but I’ve seen him the most – 3x now.  I saw Dr. S when I first became an outpatient.  I was still in a wheelchair and when he asked what brought me in I waved my hand in back of me to where my father was sitting and said airily, Daddy explain.

Ed en route to the ENT

Ed en route to the ENT

I was in the phase where I was making everyone verbalize what happened so I could verify that their stories matched.  Mommy had done it the day before with my old PCP so now it was Daddy’s turn.

And then after Dr. S looked at my cords and said some stuff about how he didn’t like what was going on and opined that it was partly a lung capacity issue I leaned back into the corner of my wheelchair, looked at him solemnly and said raspily, “If I could run, this would NOT be a problem.”

He looked at me with equal solemnity but with the corner of his mouth turning up in a way that said, We’ve got a live one here, folks!

He then said I was supposed to come back within 3 months but I conveniently “forgot” for the next 18.  Oops, My bad.

Well, I’m running now (with the help of highly trained professionals and a fancy machine) but I’m still having some issues.  I dragged my feet on making the appointment even though I was supposed to go for a checkup within a month bc I hated the idea of being the initiator.  I knew that if I showed up because of a specific concern I couldn’t do my Coach R impression – the one where I speak with utter finality and insist that I’m so much better we should dispense with these formalities and everyone should keep his hands to himself.


So I decided to signal to the market in another way.  I clutched Ed Blueberry pathetically in my lap (this was not a studied move, I just held on to Ed bc I wanted to) and after Dr. S numbed me up but before he brought the spaghetti noodle camera out I was like, So there’s no other way to do this, huh?

ENT3:  No, there’s no other way to asses the vocal cords other than to look at them.

Me:  Ok, fine.  Just checking.

So he took a look for what seemed like a very long time, but  really he was extremely nice and careful.  But this did not prevent me from edging away from him in the chair (he had to tell me to come back a couple times), and as my discomfort grew I remembered how awful it is to not be able to breathe, which did not help me remain calm, and the tears started to squeeze out of the corners of my eyes.

Happily, I did not throw up or cough, although we had discussed contingency plans if this did occur, and there was a little gagging.  The verdict is that whatever is going on with my cords doesn’t look any worse (YAY), he thinks it’s drug-related ( Double YAY – this is an easy fix; I had already discussed the possibility with my doc), oand the best news of all – I just bought myself an entire YEAR of freedom before my next check up (WOO HOO!!)

See?  The running thing totally worked.

Now the only thing I have to do is go see my PCP on Thursday bc I’ve been having some abnormal head pain.  Mommy thinks it was ENT-stress-related.  Maybe it was, but I’m just trying to cover my bases here.  I remain assured that these things that crop up are just annoying, not a sign of imminent mortal danger, but I just want to be looked at anyway.  I told Coach R, If all goes well, I will have seen 4 docs before I see you again on Thursday. (I saw him Monday.)

Right now I’m waiting for my Ensure to solidify in the freezer enough for me to Vitamix it up into an Ensure Frosty.  I kid you not – I’m getting good at making Ensure into yummy things.  But I already had ice cream today.  After I cried at the ENT Mommy took me and Eddie out for fro yo!!


Green Tea Gelato Fro Yo - this made it all worth it

Green Tea Gelato Fro Yo – this made it all worth it

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