466. Mom Bjorlie Update



Thank you so much for praying for Mom Bjorlie.  A pig’s valve has replaced her aortic valve and she is recovering nicely at home.  Please continue to pray for her and the whole family as they adjust and resume their lives.  Specifically, please pray for grace and help….

  • Mom Bjorlie will be monitored from now on – there are logistical hurdles related to a heightened level of medical vigilance
  • For the family to be able to do the things they planned to do before this health event
  • For continued healing

Meanwhile, we visited with E&R&Co. this weekend.  They are as busy and as fun as ever.  This is what happened.

We woke up, and after a heartening bowl of “Eatmeal” (Oatmeal), we put our game faces on.



Ruthie made sweet potato hash, which really helped.


Peter demonstrates his Game Face:



Ernie, Karine and Ezra got pumped up and ready to face the day.



Peter helped make pizza for dinner.



To the victor go the spoils.


But if you make a mess, Gramo says you have to pick it up even if you DID help make the pizza.


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Pray without ceasing.

I Thessalonians 5.17

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