457. Tandem Training


Hi! I decided to take yesterday off bc it was a holiday in the States (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday) but I forgot I had pre-loaded a post (456. Agility) and it published itself as usual yesterday at 6.30 am. Oops :). If you missed it, click on this picture or the link and have a read. I think it’s a hoot. But then again, I think all of this is a hoot.

456.  Agility

456. Agility

J (Team Tanimal’s Rec Director) thought it was funny, too. We discussed it in the car in the morning as we went to the Gym. Things got even funnier really fast bc we did a Tandem Training session with Animal Muppet himself, Trainer D.

Choice quotes:

Me: Do you see how J’s enthusiasm is waning as the session progresses, D?

J: You like how I bought us some extra time there, Ning? (J stalled for a few minutes by asking a theoretical question about proper plank form. Good one, J!!)

J to D (between sets): In yoga class they say nice things like, Thank your body for working so hard today.

J [internal]:  Umm….how far are we on that list?  (Trainer D had a clipboard with a sheet outlining the exercises he intended to make us do planned especially for us.)

J totally cracks me up. The thing is that Trainer D does not specialize in that kind of affirmation. He’s too busy critiquing your form and everyone else’s within his field of vision. He can’t help himself. We’re working on not pointing, but some days you gotta pick your battles.

343.  Strength & Honor

343. Strength & Honor

While he does have a mental database of motivational phrases I smile at internally as “Trainer Talk” sometimes he makes me laugh out loud when I think to myself, Do you seriously hear what you’re saying? Examples:

D: See how narrow that thing is? Don’t miss.

D (after slowly increasing the size of my kettlebell until he brought out a HUGE one and saying he only needed one rep): Now, it’s going to feel like it’s not going to move, but it will – I promise.

I could not suppress my giggling.

Me: Did you hear yourself say that out loud? That was the worst motivational speech EVER.

But when it really matters Trainer D is good at getting you to do stuff when you think you can’t. Most of the time if I’m having (balance) issues and can’t do something outright he breaks down the movement for me so I can get a grip on the smaller pieces – but yesterday he gauged the situation and decided to intervene more actively.

He made J and me link arms and do sit ups. At first we were lying on the floor saying this was the funniest thing we had ever done. Side note: the picture above is from RIO (3rd Hospital) when J and KAR came to visit. J was put in charge of rolling that ball across the table to me. I was still working on standing up. This was the last time we worked out together.

But when it came to it I absolutely could not lift my torso off the ground in any way. After two reps D saw that this was not going to happen no matter the amount of Trainer Talk he spouted so he laughingly sat down next to me, linked arms, and did the next 28 reps while I laughed hysterically and let him and J pull me up with them.

It was so funny. I could barely breathe from the laughing. But more than that it was a great illustration of the encouragement spectrum. Motivational words can be great and I’m thankful for verbal encouragement– but I’m also grateful for the people who have the availability and willingness to roll up their sleeves, jump in beside me, and get the job done when they see me struggling.

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5 thoughts on “457. Tandem Training

  1. I could not possibly love this post any more!!!!! !!!!!!!! 🙂
    Well, I guess the only thing that could make me love it more is if I had been there to see this tandem training session.

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