449. Recalibration in Process


Happy New Year!

I had so much fun with my family I need another week to recover. It turns out that there is a general consensus that I have been declining over the course of Q4 ’14 no matter how much I try to cover it up.  I knew the morning I emailed Trainer D with a request to modify the day’s work out from the tone and brevity of his reply that he had a LOT to say but was saving it for verbal delivery.  I was right – essentially Trainer D put his foot down and called me out big time and I thanked him a few weeks later for being brave enough to do so bc I’ve known something is wrong and was relieved that someone intervened.

Here’s an excerpt:

Trainer D:  [You can’t do this anymore. – my paraphrase.]  You can’t just eat legumes.

Me:  I can’t even eat those!  (I can eat some, but even protein-rich plants are difficult for me to digest so I’m supposed to be very careful about my intake.  I fell off the meat bandwagon lately – Daddy is not pleased about this.  I’m still eating some, though!)

Trainer D (fist clenched and face contorted painfully):  You are killing me.  Absolutely.  Killing.  Me.

[And then he went into the thing about how he can’t diagnose, he can only “recommend” that I do XYZ – i.e. consult with Smurfette (his lovely wife J, the dietician).  So I’m working on getting set up to do so formally.  I’m going all out – more so than he originally suggested.  I’m signaling that I’m ready to take this seriously and do whatever I need to do even though I have some major psychological hang ups regarding food from living in the hospital and having a PEG.  Well, I knew I had to do something, otherwise I’d never hear the end of it. :/]

I think Coach R was glad he didn’t have to intervene himself, although he was likely gearing up to do so if necessary.  I said to him between sets:

Trainer D got up in my grill last week.

CMD lectured me on Wednesday.

You wanna boss me around, too, R?  [I double dog dare ya.]

Heh heh.

Just kidding.  I’m actually quite compliant when it comes to treatment, therapy, training, etc.  Well, I try to keep things interesting for the entertainment value but I generally do as I’m told except for taking off my shoes.

Side note:  I took a break from the breathing exercises Trainer D made me promise to start doing bc I had a minor breathing incident a couple weeks ago at the Running Gym.  I got too excited and was unable to manage my air and swallow at the same time.  Shhh….don’t tell my Speech Therapist(s).  I tried to sneak out while Coach R wasn’t looking but he caught me :/. Mommy opined that I need to run slower.  I replied, That’s booooring.  I’m doing much better with the breathing now, though, have slowed down a bit and am being more careful.

So for now I need some more time to recalibrate and see what I need to do differently in 2015.  I plan on being much healthier and stronger ASAP so my raging chi and I will be back in action on Monday Jan 12.  Happy New Year!

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4 thoughts on “449. Recalibration in Process

      • Hmm. You might find the body-awareness focus of a Nia class to be a missing piece. There are several kinds of classes. Both classic Nia and Moving to Heal are easily accessible to folks with balance/motor skills issues. Moving to Heal classes are generally slower tempo and even more focused on body awareness. My friend Theresa, who has cerebral palsy, does both types of classes with her cane and using a chair to sit on or as support when standing. Falling is a constant concern for her, and she says that Nia helped both with her balance and with her ability to recover when her balance decides to leave her. If you’re interested, you can find local Nia classes at https://nianow.com/geofind/classes. Look for a teacher with a black belt or trainer certification; they will have the level of training that you need.

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